How to care for your skin?


Women often fall into the trap of variousMyths skincare. On the choice of cosmetics and their impact on our face in the Internet you can find a lot of information, but often different tips are wrong and may even do harm. That is why the issue of skin care, we need to know exactly what our party is most useful, and that - no. And tell us about it Ivanova AA - EdThe doctor portal:

  The Myth 1 "Harmful to make peeling summer"

First of all, you need to know that the peels are classified according to the depth of penetration: superficial, middle and deep.

Just superficial peels, or they are called exfoliation , and summer can be made throughout the year, even at intervals offor one week (if necessary). During this procedure, the skin is very easy to clean from the keratinized (dead) cells, leaving it smooth and radiant. However, the exception is that this procedure should not be done when a person is planning a vacation in the south. After all, there the sun is much more active than in our region. In such a caseexplores perform the procedure after the holidays.

Myth 2 "summer oily skin do not need to moisten the"

Oily skin you need to moisturize. Preparations need to choose a light consistency, such as serum, fluid. They are comfortable for this type of skin. But, be sure to clean before humidification: the person with the gel; Wiping tonic.

A very common mistake of those who have oily skin type, « dry » or its various cosmetic agents, such as ethanol. This needs to be done, since the protective layer is broken, and the skin condition is getting worse.

Myth 3 "Sun protection cosmetics is needed only for the beach season"

Sunscreens should be used all year round. In summer, SPF-factor must be at least 30, and in winter can be SPF 10. These indicators are suitable for the residents of our region. But, when we plan to go south, you will need to use SPF 50, 60 .

It is worth knowing that the UV-rays are very harmful, they can cause disease and aging.

These creams are immediately after application and require repeated use throughout the day.

Myth 4 "tonal foundation and powder clog pores"

Flawless facial skin - the dream of every woman. Using tonal foundation and powder helps to achieve an even tone the face and hides imperfections. But at theso there is a myth that the powder foundation and a negative effect on the skin, clogging pores.

This means well protect the skin from negative external factors, then why not to use them. The main thing to choose quality cosmetics to not kamedogenna is usually written on the vehicle.

Myth 5 "Caring for a person nuzhbut only in salons "

It is necessary to come to the beautician for advice, help, because you can not always cope on their own. But without home care, the results will be minimal.

The main stages of a facial at home:

  • face wash (gel, foam, jelly - in dependenceon the type of skin);
  • It is mandatory toning, is the completion of cleansing the skin;
  • The application of the cream for your skin type and age.

This is the minimum that should be done in the morning and evening to face. And also you can use a variety of masks, wipingpersons with ice. You can freeze the broth calendula, chamomile, cornflowers.

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