How to choose curtains for her room?


No need to be an expert to understand that the curtains couldut give room comfort, solemnity and peace, not only protect you from the sun and the eyes of neighbors. In this article we look at how you need to choose curtains, because the process is very important. It should be done very carefully. And before you make a purchase is not bad will get some valuable advice.

How to choose curtains

Even before the trip to the store, you should consider what you need curtains: to visually expand the wall or to make the wall above. Today can find curtains so as to longitudinal and poperiver lines. This does not necessarily mean that the curtains will be striped as vest. Just pattern on the curtains can create the effect of transverse or longitudinal lines. That is why it is worth remembering that, longitudinal stripes can make your walls visually higher and the cross - visually expand.

Therefore, techniques such as: banie, a roll, a collection of curtains or node can make inconspicuous curtains solemn option and can decorate the window as a whole. Those who can afford it - change their curtains every season. And it is quite logical, as the curtains are not "stale" and is harmonious and beautiful when winter decorate your windows - curtains of fleshtissue, and in the summer - a thin cotton cloth.

What kind of fabric to choose

Initially, before you decide what kind of fabric you choose - think what your curtains should perform the function. If you want to imagine the curtains in order tos to protect yourself from the sun, you'd better choose the material that is impregnated with a solution that is able to protect the fabric from fading. If you frequently wash your curtains, you'd better choose a more tightly woven, for example, polyester, which you can safely washed in a washing machine.
After all, for example, to velvet, cottonand adding fabrics and flax need to use exclusively dry cleaning. A curtain of pure cotton is best to use in shaded rooms, as they burn out very quickly. Curtains of silk are also afraid of sunlight, but they look very expensive and pleasant to the touch. If you decide to choose blinds, the first thought is neededDo you remote control that will allow to open and close your curtains at a distance. This is useful when your windows are located very far or high.

How to choose the color of the curtains

When it comes to the color of the curtains, then here you should zapomnite that gray, blue, and eachs are the same colors visually obscure and cool room, and warm colors (orange, red, yellow, etc.), on the contrary, it is clarified. In order for your curtains did not merge with the wallpaper and somehow stood out - they should be slightly lighter or darker than the walls themselves. In addition, the color of the curtains should be combined with furniture. And when the room is carpeted, younecessarily should pay attention to the pattern on the carpet, which must be in harmony with the pattern on the curtains.

style Direction

Today curtains is very important and often even the most important element of the interior. As previously mentioned: when choosing INTOp must take into account the style of a room. So heavy and thick curtains suit and ornaments and bright colors suitable for exotic interiors. For rooms with antique furniture will be the best choice of fabric weave with interior motion made under the old days, but they are very expensive and not everyone has the opportunity to buy them. Simple geometric shapes, metalized tissue, at least pomp and maximum of all modern development is better suited for offices and facilities in the style of hi-tech. Be that as it everything else, curtains must necessarily fit into the overall atmosphere of the room, stick to the stylistic direction of the interior as a whole, as well as to emphasize the dignity of the entire design.

I hope that reading this article will help you to come to the store, do not get confused and make the right choice. Most importantly - remember the above tips and tricks, check the design of your room in advance and make a decision: what kind of curtains you need. E If you want to buy has a very pluralOn brand shops where you can buy products world famous manufacturers.

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