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Translator from English, professional translation

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Translator from English, translation Translator from English, translationTranslator from English, world translation

Hello. My name is Sergey Ivanov. I was born in Rovno, in western Ukraine.

I am a professional translator from English to Russian and Ukrainian languages.

I went to school with in-depth study of the English language. Then I entered the Kiev National Linguistic University on a specialty English Philology. After graduating, began working as translator in the translation agency Translit in Rivne and parallel do the translations for individuals. I have been doing translations for more than 5 years.

I have extensive experience in translating of such kinds of text:

  • medical subjects;
  • construction subjects;
  • technical documentation;
  • legal issues;
  • fiction;
  • music;
  • articles, news, notes;
  • advertising information;
  • instruction;
  • website translation;
  • translation manuals;
  • written translation;
  • business subjects;
  • economic issues;
  • IT subjects. 

I am doing translations professionally - as incomes for, and for my own development - free. This site is dedicated to the second. Here is a collection of my own translations on various subjects, information about me: photo, video, links to sites with my translations. I have been doing such translations in my spare time - i have identified for this 7-10 hours a week, try to translate interesting texts, which would be useful to other people, i prefer the technical documentation, manuals, written in English language that have not yet translated whose authors allowed to translate them, and which translation requires a large number of users. If you know such texts, then you can offer them to me for translation.

Volkova Swetlana...
Comments (7)
German Unmarek Posted
21 Febr. 12
Nice site, thank you for translation.
Jay Roston Posted
16 Novemb. 12
Thanks for translations, man!
Yogan Gilbert Posted
16 Novemb. 12
Make more translations, nice site )
Cheer Posted
13 Decemb. 12
Great blog.
Yence Posted
13 January 13
Nor good nor bad online tool.
King Posted
13 January 13
Good online translator as for online tr.
Kobi Posted
13 January 13
Keep your work, great website.

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