"World of Translations" аgency

Agency was founded in 2011, its specialized on translations from foreign languages of different topics, complexity and volume. Professional employees perform oral and written translations - to / from major European and Asian languages?.

For years of work we have gained experience and we know what our clients need. Therefore, we have such rules: translation accuracy, confidentiality and meeting deadlines. Despite the dictum of classic: "Translation is like a woman - if she is good, then she is unfaithful, and if she is faithful, then she is not good!" - we try to achieve a combination of accuracy and stylistic impeccability of the translation. These efforts are appreciated by our customers, who cooperate with our agency within 2 years.

In addition to translations, we help our clients to solve other related questions: provide legalization of documents in the consular, ambassadorial offices and ministries of Ukraine, notarization of translations, editing texts in different languages??, courier services.

In the "World of Translations" agency you can order a professional translation and interpretation of texts and documents from the: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Hungarian, Czech, Polish, Belarusian, Chinese languages.

Our clients:

  • UkrTechnoPhos - Plus Infomisto Ltd.
  • Kamaz-Trans-Service Ltd.
  • Atman Ltd.
  • Trianeks
  • SPRI Ltd.
  • M + K Ltd.
  • Trans-Service-Rivne UB KNPP Ltd.
  • Renome Ltd.
  • Guarantee of Safety Ltd.
  • Invest in Rivne agency
  • PVKF Violet
  • Rovnotransservis Ltd.
  • Rivbud Ltd.
  • Imex-Agro Ltd.
  • Agroresource Ltd.
  • SCOPE-TV Broadcasting Company
  • Rivne global networks
  • PE KNG
  • Aden Ltd.
  • International Service of Greetings
  • Panorama of business
  • TianDe
  • Priox

Contact Information:

Rivne, 192 Soborna str.

Phone: (0362) 45-40-80

E-mail: translator @ worldtranslation.org

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