What is social engineering and why you need to train awareness?

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social engineering

Social engineering is a method of manipulating people to obtain confidential information, perform certain actions, or achieve other goals. It is based on psychological techniques and tactics that are used to deceive and persuade target individuals. Social engineers can act as attackers trying to gain access to systems and data, or as professionals performing social research or providing security training. And now we will tell why awareness training is it so important to protect against social engineering.

Increased level of alertness

Mindfulness trains us to be more attentive to detail and detect unusual or suspicious situations. A conscious person is more likely to notice signs of manipulation and will be more careful.

Improved analytical ability

Mindfulness training helps improve your ability to analyze situations and make rational decisions. This is important because social engineers often use tactics that can confuse and mislead.

Development of emotional intelligence

Mindfulness also helps develop emotional intelligence, which allows you to better manage your emotions and understand the emotional state of others. This can be useful in identifying manipulative attempts, especially if they are aimed at eliciting emotional reactions.

Failure Capacity

Mindfulness strengthens your ability to say “no” and refuse requests or demands that may be dangerous or unwanted. It helps you form boundaries and protect your own interests.

Improving communication skills

Mindfulness training improves communication skills, including listening and questioning. This allows you to better understand your interlocutors and identify potential manipulations in conversations.

Reduce stress

Mindfulness also helps reduce stress and improve your overall psycho-emotional state. People who are anxious or stressed may be more vulnerable to social engineering.


In conclusion, mindfulness training is a powerful tool for protecting against social engineering as it strengthens your mental toughness and ability to navigate difficult situations. It helps you be more alert, more aware, and more aware of the world around you.

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