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Sex can become a mundane exercise, do not bring any pleasure, for many reasons. Of course, some men have problems with potency. They will not be difficult to solve by adopting , but not always relevant to human physiology. An important role is played by a psychological component. Often partners start cold to treat each other, so perceive sex as a duty, not a source of pleasure. To return all into place, you need to pass a difficult way, which involves 5 steps. They will be listed below.


Step one: forget about the issues that concern you

to have fun in bed, we need to be as relaxed. In this regard, heading to the bedroom, let go of thoughts that cause you feelings of anxiety. This can be done with the help of meditative techniques and psychological methods. For example, write on a sheet of paper list all your problems and throw it away.


Step two: prepare yourself for intimacy

thinking about sex is not bad, because they are able to ignite the desire. Given this, it would be absolutely great if in the course of the working day you and your partner will begin to be excited intimacy. Try to take the initiative, for example, send your beloved a message that has bought a new sexy lingerie, or remind him of the passionate nights we experienced with him during a romantic journey. It all will make the moment sweeter .


Step three: don't forget about the games

of Course, the sex will be boring if they do the tired head of the family and housewife. Now imagine what are the sensations you and your partner get if you try on a new role. Experiments in bed are always attract interest and lead to great pleasure. In this regard, invite the partner to become a Casanova, and themselves play the role of the beautiful seductress. Making the bedroom a small theater, you will want to give their sex lives a second wind.


Step four: dance

danced away, any woman seem charming and sexy. She kindles the desire in a man, talking to him in language of his own body. It's mutual. Dancing, partners are incredibly closer, not saying a word. It is possible that, once in bed, you let sweeping passion you that will bring pleasure.


Step five: look for inspiration in art

Great artists repeatedly depicted in the paintings of naked women. They tried to draw them as seen what loved. Would you like to become a Muse of the elect? To make it easier. First look with my husband for some art exhibition, talk to him about art, and then, as if by chance ask him to draw or to photograph you in the bedroom. Surely, you inspire him so much that it will end in hot sex.

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