The penalty for violation of traffic rules: How to check payment?

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today, our country has automatic accounting system of payment of fines for traffic violations. But there are times when it does not work. Immediately after payment in the Bank receipt, this information is sent to the traffic police and they, in turn, repay the debt of a particular motorist. Thanks to this system, drivers no longer need to visit the state automobile inspection to provide copies of payment receipts. Incidentally, the actual can be viewed on the website

the Important point is the fact that the system will function efficiently only if a proper submission to the receipt of all data in case of making any mistakes, the information about the payment of a fine in the database of GAI will not automatically fall and, as a result, the motorist will be considered by the debtor. Eventually after 15 days that are directly allocated for payment of the penalty under the law, the materials of the administrative case will be transferred to the traffic police in the enforcement of public service, and that, in turn, will be forced to withdraw from the driver the penalty. Well, if in practice, the vehicle may even be temporarily taken to the garage (until 100% repayment of debt).

in Order to avoid any problems, the traffic police recommend motorists who paid the fine and a hundred percent sure about the correct filling in the slip, turn to the traffic police to check the debt. Now, in any branch of the traffic police through the national automated information system (NAIS), the driver can learn about the presence of his fines (the place of Commission of the breach and the place of residence of the driver does not matter). To do this, the motorist should call or drive to the nearest unit of the traffic police and get in touch with the inspector adminrechte. This is very important because to check the information about the debt it may such employee. If when testing you find that the debt is still there, then for the repayment of the motorist will have to come to traffic police and show a copy of the receipt attesting to repayment of the fine.

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