6 strategies for effective learning English

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It is said that uzuchenie foreign language is hard work, which is not possible without a lot ofochasovoy tedious cramming, but is it true? Not really. "Education can be more fun and fast, if we properly use our brain," - says Ivan Semenov, founder of the site to learn English:. Take, for example, polyglots, which are easy to master several languages ??at once or small children,who master their native language and do not experience any difficulties with this. All the matter of effective learning strategies used by these people. Below we consider the 6 strategies for effective learning English.

Strategy 1. Using the power of emotion.

Positive emotions activate the ability to learn,therefore it is recommended to learn English with the help of interest to you movies, music texts and books. Also communicate with people who interest you.

Strategy 2. "Embedded" new word wherever you can.

For the first time he heard a new word, try repeating it, substitute the word in a different eligibles context - this will help to remember it easily and quickly. This works because the brain form new word association with the fact that you already know well, and as a result the word becomes habitual and familiar to you. And to repeat it to you enough to remember the association. It is recommended to use a new word as often as possible in different situations:homework, retelling the text, practicing in the English language, and so on. d.

Strategy 3. Believe in their abilities.

All the people who successfully learn a foreign language, believed that they could do it, even if they initially it turned out badly, because thoughts materializes and if you budete repeat that English is given to you hard, then you program your brain to rebel by training, and, conversely, if you repeat what I can do, I have all come out - the brain receives the correct setting and the studies will protikat easier. So believe in yourself!

Strategy 4. remembered forever.

The setGia course participants angiyskogo language asking questions such as: How long are stored knowledge after the course ?. I will not forget the language if I do not use it for a year after graduation? Well it all depends on your motivation and belief. Those koto making progress in learning foreign languages ??can often quickly recoverforgotten knowledge.

Strategy 5. Remember the goal.

According to statistics, people who have a good reason to learn a foreign language, can learn it much faster than the rest. Any initiatives are impossible without desire, a good reason and motivation. Motivation gives strength. It often happens that a person begins to study of the developmentamb English due tribute to fashion, not because he needs it, and as a result of drop out halfway. And those people who have a specific purpose, the chances of successful language acquisition increased many times over.

Strategy 6. Educate yourself unconsciously.

The children easily learn their mother tongue in the processcommunication, sports, learning about the world. And an adult who was in a new country, quickly enough "absorbs" new words for a couple of features of pronunciation and grammar, and thus they do not sit on textbooks and memorize words! According to this study the English language in practice.

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