Professional vacuum cleaner Makita 445X


Any self-respecting hostess wantsto her house was clean and well maintained, although it is sometimes very difficult to get rid of the cat's fur and cope with the dust on the carpets and sofas. You can clean the carpet long hours of dirt and hair standing on all fours, but did not achieve the desired purity. Another problem can be considered allergic to   hair, dust and more, which is notconventional manner to remove the leaves. This is the house, and say nothing about offices and industrial premises where the day can accumulate a mountain of dust. Modern vacuum cleaners for home much more practical and more beautiful as they were 10 years ago. They now have an attractive design, they are compact and they are equipped with different attachments. The same applies toprofessional vacuum cleaners for cleaning offices and industrial premises. So bright representative is professional vacuum cleaners Makita 445X. By the way, you can buy it in the online store Ravta:. This vacuum quickly and without undue effort will help you to remove any quality premises and easily cope with different litter:sawdust, metal chips, liquid spills, dust, cement   et al. Makita 445X - is a versatile vacuum cleaner that is designed for both dry and wet cleaning. Move from one mode to another simply by pressing the switch. The vacuum cleaner has excellent performance: vacuum created - 24kPa, capacity - 220 m / h, engine power - 1200 watts.

This vacuum cleaner is designed for intensive work in an industrial environment. Makita 445X has a rugged stainless steel housing. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with multi-stage filtration system, which is represented by: fine filter at the output filter cartridge, nylonovym strainer polyurethane filter and paper dust bags. Garbage is collected in a disposable dust bag or into a metal container made of stainless steel (45 liter volume). The filling level of the container is controlled by the built-in electronics: if the container is completely filled - flashing indicator light.


  • and Extension Tube;
  • 2 flexible hoses;
  • Head seams;
  • nozzle for large debris;
  • handle;
  • ring blocks-focusing;
  • control ring;
  • combination nozzle;
  • brush for sex;
  • brush for wet waste;
  • pleated filter;
  • nylon folderp;
  • polyurethane filter.

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