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Tube rolling - it's absolutely all metal pipes without exception, no matter what section of the pipe: Rectangularie, square or round. Buying a round tube, you   we must remember that the marking on the pipe means its diameter, said a 2-values: external and internal. The difference between these values, divided by 2 equals the thickness of the metal rolling. When buying a pipe profile type, which have a completely different geometry of the section mMarking is the wall thickness. Way to buy a quality   Tube rental, please visit:.

Metal Tube rental is 2 types:

  • unmeasured;
  • dimensional.

The first type of pipe rent obtained after true pullingof the metal at a certain temperature, in this case no welds, which greatly deteriorate the strength of the whole structure. In the latter case, the desired length and geometry is obtained by welding of several elements. On the strength of a metal of course inferior to seamless.

In the second case, all pipes will have the same size.This type of rolling a little more expensive, because there are costs for cutting metal. In addition the cost of pipe rent depends on the mode of production of rolled metal. Often used for the production of 2 types: seamless and welded.

Always check with the seller pipe type and method of production - is dasso you make the right choice and buy metal at the best price. But do not forget about the quality of the metal from which the tube rental. And absolutely have any metal rolled there is a direct relationship type and the total cost. Also increase the price can also polishing the surface of the pipe or galvanizedInhibition of.

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