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Designed machine for printing three-dimensional parts. Initially, the 3D printer e was able to print only the simple and small items. But eventually became "reduce" even high-rise buildings. In other words, on this printer, you can print anything you like, but in itsturn, the US government banned firearms print of plastic.

3D printer < / span> - is still quite expensive. So some industrial models cost about 1 million. Dollars. OrdTide and cheap cost between $ 300 and more functional - $ 2500.

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s have become popular recently. Since industrial models appeared on the market about10 years ago, they were expensive and were therefore not available for mass use. But after a while the data printers have become more affordable to the same technological approach to printing makes it possible to create various items from: ceramic, silicone, plastic and even titanium.

3D printer s are able to create a computer model of identical physical copy. You can print models of any complexity - there are almost no restrictions. Template for 3D printer and can be three-dimensional models created in popular computer programs, as well as 2D drawings.

Materials for 3D printer a:

  • different kinds of plastic;
  • clay;
  • paper;
  • wax;
  • Metal;
  • powder;
  • silicone;
  • resin;
  • photopolymer.

Purpose 3D printer < /span> and

The rapid development of technology 3D printer s, and as a result, reduce the cost of 3D-printing led to that theyappear in small companies and home of any person. Parallel to develop services that are produced by request of cheap three-dimensional models of products, make it possible to quickly print the desired item in the comfort of your home. The possibility of 3D-printing - unlimited. At present, 3D printer - a low-cost and affordable solution for all areas of human life.

Where can I use the 3D printer s

  1. The first purpose of this printer - a rapid prototyping models and objects for further improvement and refinement. At the first stage of the project can be dramatically menyat construction sites or even the entire facility. For engineers, this approach significantly reduces the cost of design, development and production of new products.
  2. They can also be used to quickly manufacture assemblies or components from materials that are supported by 3D printer s. This cost-effective solution for small batch production. Models with transparent structure allows you to see the mechanism "inside" and assess the degree of wear of athat element. This makes it possible to improve the technology and manufacturing products themselves, quickly and without significant cost.
  3. You can use the foundry - ie the manufacture of molds and create models.
  4. In the 3D printer e can print the necessary objects and items of personal use, games, educational materials, souvenirs.
  5. 3D printer s are used for the manufacture of ready-made systems of durable and strong material, for example, to create the finished parts and models of unmanned aircraft.
  6. In medicine - the use, etc.Inter allows to grow samples of internal organs. It is very important to evaluate their doctors before surgery or to build full-fledged part of the body, in the manufacture of prosthetic dentistry or replacement of bone and joint surgery.

How it works 3D printer and

How it works 3D Printer and based on the technology of laser sintering or laser printing, melting plastic on the layers, laminating, polymerization or laser melting of powder of various compositions, vacuum melting powder and bonding a thin layer by layer working film material (e.g., paper). Cheap printers enables you to stampthief only one material. More expensive models have two or more printheads that can simultaneously print several different materials, or multiple colors of the same material. There are models of 3D printer s full-color products. Depending on the manufacturer and model of the printer, as the print media may be used: plastic, various powders, silicone, photopolymer resin, metal and wax.

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