Garden and ornamental plants

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Decorative and garden plants cultivated by man for centuries. They perform a variety of functions - from purely practical   somehow garden plants, which give edible fruit), to the cultural and aesthetic (eg, ornamental flowers, plants, flowering shrubs or trees totorye grown for foliage color or bark).

Garden plants

Depending on their species, these plants may have different functions. Edible plants are conventionally divided into vegetable and fruit. They are surprisingly popular in gardening, because undoubtedly bring many benefits.

As flowering and edible garden plants can be classified in many ways, for example, the length and duration of the life cycle: perennial, biennial and annual. This classification is the most common. They are also classified according to growing conditions: open soil and plants for garden greenhouse plants.

Performing aesthetic function, flowering garden plants is integral element of every garden or the infield, as they enable the gardener to show their own tastes and imagination to the fullest. Conventional classification of garden plants for various requirements of plants to growing conditions share their nA: mountain, forest, meadow and flower beds.

A variety of flower beds and greenhouse plants, most of which are breeding, much inferior to their wild relatives in endurance and ability to adapt to the environment, but are unmatched in the brightness of the colors and variety of forms of the flower. They needClamps fertilizer, regular watering and fertile soil, and the beauty they give us, with an excess of costs all the costs of caring for them.

Ornamental plants

In our time, the cultivation of ornamental plants is quite fun and very popular pastime. So green corner enables: smyaalleviate even the most strict office environment to create comfort and animate virtually any space. It's not just about the office or apartment, but also about the holiday or the plot, which can be decorated with beautiful flowering shrubs or flowers. In addition, as we all know - this is the first flowers that men give women on any occasion: Day RyeDenia, March 8, and so on. d. Flowers can give yourself or use the services of a courier service that provides the whole world, and thus to surprise his beloved sending her home robot or shykarny bouquet of red roses or orchids astounding. < br />
Ornamental plants can be divided into flowering and in landscapingtnye, which, in turn, can be classified into: the nature of growth, life cycle length and shape.

There is a huge variety of varieties of flowering ornamental plants. Species diversity allows you to choose your own convenience and taste: shape, color, number of colors and the duration of the flowering period, ieyou can plan a green corner so that the periods of flowering ornamental plants either coincide or vice versa - is gradually replaced each other.

For landscape ornamentals assign no less important and often practical role - twining arbors to create hedges, creating shadowsLandscaping walls. These growers are classified according to the nature of their growth and form, which can be very different - from the bush to the winding or lawn.

Cultivation of garden and ornamental plants is a relaxing activity that is accessible to all and can bring a lot of fun !

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