5 unusual animals from around the world

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Nothing makes tourists grab their cameras faster as our smaller brethren. Regardless of whether you want to find the big five on an African Safari, or comb the beach for sea lions in the Galapagos Islands, to stand with them - is always a highlight. But in addition to our usual wild animals in the wild nature they live , which many people do not even know. Let's look at the TOP 5 of them.

Unusual animals

  1. the Shining sea turtle. It was discovered by divers in the Solomon Islands beneath the waves. While other animals are known to be bioluminescent, this is the first reported case of radiant reptiles in the wild. According to diver David Gruber, Professor of biology at Baruch College, the shell of a sea turtle of the hawk glowed like red and green, but it is likely that the red color came from algae biofluorescence;
  2. Pangolin. If the anteater and an Armadillo had a baby, it would look like a pangolin is a mammal of unusual form, discovered in all parts of Asia and Africa. Pangolin has a long, specially adapted tongue for eating ants and termites and carries a protective keratin sheath is the only mammal which is known to have this adaptation. Unfortunately, its unique characteristics also make it the best-selling mammals in the world, as it is very popular because of its meat and armor. Pangolin currently included in the list of species under threat of disappearance;
  3. Hungry glass frog Diana. There are many different types of glass frogs, but this little guy is a new discovery. Its bright green color can attract your attention, the coolest thing about this frog is that it is transparent. Bottom side it is translucent, it provides a stunning view of internal organs of amphibians;
  4. Axolotl (Mexican walking fish). This is a small Salamander that can be found in different lakes in and around Mexico city, although currently it is presented as an endangered species. This amphibian can regenerate limbs, have no eyes and can be black or albino;
  5. sunfish. It is different because it is the heaviest bony fish in the world - an adult person up to 2 tons. This strange creature (it looks like Sloth from The Goonies) is found in temperate and tropical waters worldwide and is considered a delicacy in places like Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

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