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Copper roof and wooden shingles (shingles)


Roof Copper

Copper roof < / span> does not require advertising. For hundreds of years, it is used as a roofing coating. Changes only shade of color, according to fashion trends.

The defense of the copper surface of the roof is a patina – oxidation film emerges from contact with oxygen copper. Available roofing copper in the form of ribbons which are then cut into individual pieces – picture. On the roof surface of the painting is combined with a special seam – fold, and attached to the deck clamps, without making any additional holes. So arrazom, Copper roofing I'm getting absolutely waterproof.

As a rule, paintings cover the entire length of the roof slope, although some developers spread pictures of different geometric patterns (diamonds, squares, etc.).

During operation Copper roof almost does not need special care. If a site has been damaged, it will be enough to weld copper patch on it, which in a short time will merge with the color of the rest of the roof.

Copper roof , of course, costs money, but they pay off the appearance of your home, your prestige and pride for your home.

Wooden shingles

How Not to mention roof , like specialistsflax created for wooden houses? This roof – wooden shingles , ideal for wooden houses. It is also called shingles, shingles or wood chips.

Traditional shingles looks like a small villageoschechki. This wedge-shaped cross-section plank attached either manually or on a special machine. Boards plowshares mimic the shape of the blade is flat and look like a step pyramid.

This roofing for many centuries been used by traditional village houses, summer and wooden houses. In the production of shingles and the wood used different kinds of wood: pine, cedar, oak, aspen, Canadian cedar, birch. Basically, shingles has rectangular in shape, but there are other models.

On the roof of shingles mounted overlapped in several layers(Optional), so roof resembles a fir cone: in wet weather (rain, snow) tablets swell and lettered from sticking together, and on a clear day & ndash ; stick out. So cunning « peasant » method is a natural roof ventilation. Wooden shingles is used at a fairly steep slopes of the roof and looks very harmonious on the houses from a round log.

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