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today there are many types of wrenches that are designed for specific projects. A wrench applies torque to rotate the objects by weakening or fastening items such as nuts and bolts. This hand tool is designed to provide grip for turning, but with different designs of fasteners success may depend on the right type of key.

Next, we will discuss 5 types of wrenches that are required to be in your Toolbox and tell us about them employee the Internet-shop "shop": in which they can directly purchase.


Open key

This one-piece wrench is made in two directions with the holes of different size on opposite sides of a bolt or nut. U-shaped opening at each end enables the capture of objects, turning a key to use the opposite side. For quick and easy use of this key is flat and can be attached to nuts and bolts in small places for tightening or loosening. You can use this key to narrow areas where large or thick wrench is not suitable.


Combination wrench

Another tool double end is a matching key. It consists of an open end on one side and the side end on the other. Box side consists of a closed ring with different inside diameters, depending on the size of the key. The combo wrench is a versatile tool with an open end for tightening and loosening in small spaces, as well as a box end for secure grip of nuts and bolts.


master key

This type of wrench may seem familiar if you have ever put any furniture that required bonding. These wrenches are L or T shaped handle with hex ends corresponding to the holes for bolts or screws. Although they are small, they are usually used for pairing and storing objects together.



This is used to rotate the retaining key has Allen key (hollow cylinder) attached to the end of the handle, which is secured by nuts and bolts to tighten or loosen. Socket wrenches are very effective and can be used at different angles.


Adjustable wrench

If you don't have the right size wrench, adjustable wrench can save you a heap of time and nerves. This tool is also known as a Crescent wrench can be adjusted in accordance with the size of the part. Thanks to their versatility, they can slide on the bolts when used too much force.

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