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How can the 3d-printers work on the ecology of the planet? Common sense says that an improvementenvironmental situation with them can not be considered. After all, the chemical industry a priori to be more efficient clean production than thousands and thousands of artisans create their wares at a fairly advanced, but still « toys » not fitted with any filter. However, research scientists refute this postLatin, arguing – manufacturing technology objects using 3d-printing will cause less damage to nature than industrial production of identical products.

so surprising conclusion was based on studies conducted by some Joshua Pierce. His group conducted experiments at Michigan Technological University. Being entuziASTOM three-dimensional printing, Pierce took to prove that its application not only reduces the cost of the product, but also reduces the negative impact on the ecology of the planet.

3d-printer consumes relatively little energy and allows to produce items where they are needed at the moment. Consequently, reduced emissions yrlekislogo gas, which are the main source of power stations and transport.

Household 3d-printer

Household 3d-printer fairly compact device and takes place no more than a conventional microwave oven. The experiment was conducted using the printer RepRap, which is the melting of the plastic threadand generates three-dimensional objects. They are created by growing a layer-by-layer based on computer models. Themselves models – from the spoon to flower vases – can be found on the Internet or draw their own.

So on the basis of which the conclusions were made about reducing the cost of products and favorable influence of 3d-printing on the environment?

were monitored all stages of production on the basis of the three products. They were juicer element toy designer and site drainpipe. The first stages of the future of the product is carried out in the form of raw materials: this is his production and processing. After which he formed « test » object, and then he went on toconsumers. All processes are very energy-intensive. The use of 3d-printing makes it possible not only to reduce all the stages, but also eliminate the step of delivering the product. Only this can reduce costs by an average of 41 to 64%.

The traditional methods of manufacturing plastic products associated with excessive consumption of raw materials for technological needs. NapExample for an additional frame-gates, which receives recycled or discarded as waste in general. Furthermore, the product obtained in the form of a monolith, and the formation of cavities therein and requires special equipment, and process steps and time. The use of three-dimensional printing can not only eliminate these costs, nand improve the accuracy of manufacture.


Another aspect of the problem – delivery of products to the consumer. Now for the delivery of each individual item from different stores required by the courier. In the future, the use of three-dimensional printing the printer will reduce the number of messengers to one, deliverpresent the raw material – plastic thread. The collection of all the above factors will not only save money, but also reduce the burden on the ecosystem of the planet, saving material and human resources.

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