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The first metal and plastic designs came to domestic pynok two decades ago. Now their popularity continues to grow, so the data window steadily replacing the design of other materials. Now we briefly review the main advantages of plastic windows.

Easy installation and functionality

Designs made on the basis of plastic, come tothe installation site fully finished, so they do not need to be customized and further processed. Installers install the window unit constructed in accordance with measurements carried out in advance. After installing the multi-chamber package can be regarded as the main work finished.

Details of metal structures stronger products from dErev, as made of special high quality PVC. The profile is not so easy to damage, but if it happens, it is always possible to replace the item.


The life of plastic windows designs exceed the life of wooden windows. This is due to the fact that the reservoirto not destroyed by water, does not rot, does not warp or swell. In addition, it can easily withstand temperature fluctuations and is not afraid of cold. Plastic windows for many years remain reliable and attractive, which is not the wooden structures that need to be warm in winter and occasionally paint.

conveto use

Thanks to the special fittings ensure smooth opening of the leaves and it is possible to fix them in position. At the expense of quality seals closed window remains tight. To ventilate the room, enough to lift the window and fix it so thatremained barely noticeable gap. By airtight windows reduce heat loss in the room and improved sound insulation. As an employee of a cleaning company "Barbara Voche" Cherkasov, V., which is engaged noted that wash plastic windows is much easier than wooden counterparts.

Environmental Safety

Although wood is an environmentally friendly material, wooden windows can not be called environmentally friendly. After all, they are treated with impregnation, preventing rotting and covered with paints. Therefore it is possible to question the sustainability of wooden structures. As for plastic windows, they do not contain harmfuls substances and do not undergo treatment chemicals, which gives reason to believe their safe design.

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