Steam cleaner Karcher SC 1020 - a perfect assistant in the home


The modern hostess almost every daythere are more opportunities to make your apartment clean and comfortable. And purity, this might just be perfect thanks to the new and improved technology the emerging market consumer goods. An example of this technique are the various models of steam generators and steam cleaners. With these innovative creations of household appliances can not tolko to remove dirt and debris in the apartment, but also to destroy harmful bacteria and mites and fungi, hiding in the villi of carpets and rugs. These devices safely stand on the protection of your health and more because they do not require the use of disinfectants. You do not have to inhale harmful chemicals and damage the skin of your hands. If your upIU will take root such assistants as steam or steam cleaner, cleaning will only need water.

The principle of steam cleaner

The principle of operation of these appliances will tell us Petrov A. Yu - an employee of a cleaning company "Barbara Voche", which uses paroochistiteli for. Work apparatuses based on the action of the steam which is generated tanks with heating elements. Steam formed by boiling water, you can handle any surface in the house: floor, carpet, furniture, tile in the kitchen or in the bathroom. Steam cleaners are more perfect than the steam generators, because they do not tolko dissolved by means of a pair of dirt and kill bacteria, but this dirt is collected in a separate container, like a vacuum cleaner.

Steam cleaner Karcher SV 1802

The advantages on the model steam cleaner Karcher SV 1802 (Germany). This model combines the functions parogeneoperator and a vacuum cleaner. Outwardly, it looks like an ordinary vacuum cleaner weighs 9 pounds; Power Consumption – 2300 watts. In Karcher SV 1802 is mounted steam accommodating the 1.2 liters of water, and vacuum cleaner in this unit has a water filter, which precipitates the dust and dirt during cleaning. Large set of nozzles and brushes included with Karcher SV1802 provides an opportunity to make cleaning different surfaces, even in the most remote places, cleaning of furniture and clothes, washing the windows. Through the transparent wall of the tank, you can follow the passage of debris and dust through a water filter. Inside the unit there is another filter (HEPA 13), which does not allow even the smallest particles back into the air.Thus, all the dirt settle in the tank with water. Dirty water after cleaning should be discarded and the wash tank. This model steam cleaner can be used for dry cleaning, as an ordinary vacuum cleaner.
Steam cleaner Karcher SV 1802 – a perfect assistant in everyday life. In this device, it is very functional in its design, you can ADJUSTacce flow and steam pressure, the maximum value is – 4 bars; and the suction power of the vacuum cleaner, which will produce a gentle, gentle cleaning.
German quality has long been no doubt in the world. And yet, that technique you last longer for her to care. In the tank steam cleaner desirable cashivat water passed through the filter, and it is recommended to periodically clean the tank from scale.
Buy this unit can be a great online-shop for as low as 23,899 to 25,500 rubles. Weight and price of the device may not fit all.

Steam cleaner Karcher SV 1020

If you are not satisfied with the size or cost of Karcher SV 1802, the same company offers a variety of models of steam cleaners and steam generators that satisfy every taste and budget. For example, a small and lightweight, Karcher SC 1020 weighs just 3 pounds, but This has a water tank capacity of 1 liter and produces vapor pressure capacity of 32 bar. It is also equipped with a large number of nozzles for different types of cleaning.

At the present time a very diverse selection of modern technology. You can catch the eye of the products of the production from other producer countries. It is possible that when choosing a steam cleaner, in addition to technical specifications, wawith interest the color or design of the device. In general, go for it, choose to your taste and color. Let your home is always clean and comfortable!

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