Express English course for tourists


Now, many studios offer a foreign languagepecial Express English courses that have been specifically designed for those who travel abroad for business or pleasure. The purpose of this course - to acquaint you with the language constructs that are most often encountered and to make sure that you can distinguish between them in speech and use in the conversation. And most importantly - it mMaximum flash quickly help you overcome the language barrier by removing the fear of communication, which in turn will enable you to confidently and freely feel you unfamiliar country. What do you give this course? This question answered Darya Kronenberger - Director Center for the Study of English UK Club, which   gives possozhnost. By the way, the cost of such rapid English course is $ 100 - 200.

What will give you a crash course in English:

  • You will feel confident at the airport (you will not have problems: choosing seats in the cabin, the registration on the rivereys, completing the immigration card upon arrival, the passport and customs control, check-in luggage, trip / transfer from the airport to the place of residence; choice of drinks and meals on board the aircraft, unusual situations - lost baggage and others.);
  • You will be able to communicate fluently in the hotel (you do not havehave problems with: ordering food in the room, an extract from the hotel, taxi, request any information and services, non-standard situations - complaints about poor service or malfunction of equipment or furniture in your room);
  • You do not get lost in a restaurant or cafe (you will not have problems with: bronirovaSRI table, ordering drinks and food; unusual situations - the wrong order, changes in the order, the error in the account);
  • You will never get lost in a strange city you (you can easily: ask for directions if you get lost, use the excursion guides and maps, taxi);
  • You can easily choose your desired product shop (you will not have problems with: buying shoes and clothes, choice of color and size of things, buying souvenirs, payment, fitting, non-standard situations: return and exchange of goods) ;
  • You will feel confident if there are problems with the rearorem (you will easily be able to: describe the symptoms of the disease, buy medicines, call a physician);
  • You can easily find a fun (you will not have problems: searching for information on entertainment establishments, car rentals and other. Modes, ordering and purchasing tickets, unusual situationsx);
  • You will have no problems with your phone (you will not have problems: making calls from the hotel room and on the mobile phone, use the internet a wrong entry);
  • You can easily solve the problem of currency exchange;
  • You will feel more confident in many situations.

This course - is not academic English, which is taught in school, but a living language that people actually use in many countries. It is designed for those who need to master the basics of the English language in a short time.

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