How to organize an event or workshop

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The event or seminar is held for yousecond, that its members could get a good experience. So, to organize an event need all extensively plan and execute a lot of preparatory work. Often, it may seem a that the workshop is like a clock: all events go smoothly on schedule. But in fact, the major part of all the work carried out to develop the right atmosphere. KWhich is the most important points you should consider when organizing a seminar? This question we will try to answer Galimov Lily Raulevna - Teacher Business School First Business School, which is now more than 12 years of experience in training and conducting.

The theme of the event

Any activities shouldto pursue the goal of the workshop and teme.Tema determines the type of marketing, which in the future will carry advertising. Also important topic for the marketing team, which should correctly identify the target company and the participants, which will orient the workshop.


Choose a place meropriyatiya necessary depending on the scale of the event. Often, the place chosen depending on the number of participants and the presence of guests of honor. Typically, a seminar was calculated for 100 - 200 people., It can be comfortably carried out in a hotel (seminarnoy room) that the equipment in theater style or as a classroom. But when it is necessaryto conduct large-scale event (500 - 1000 people.), the likely need a large hall, a conference hall, dance hall or auditorium. Venue to be equipped with high-quality equipment that is necessary to serve the workshop. Before making a final decision will be wise to consider not immediatelyas venues for future events, the level of service that their location, costs and their environment.

Advertising and Marketing Workshop

Definitely, marketing seminar - is the most important and often the most problematic and the calling task in organizing the event. To meropriyatie was conducted in accordance with all organizational efforts - you have to take into account the location of the workshop and choosing the right marketing strategy. Most event organizers who have a big budget to give publicity event strive to create a strong marketing by placing advertisements in magazines and hazetah, on radio and television.

Cooperation with sponsors

Dear sponsors will help to reduce the costs of your event and increase its credibility, as well as help you with marketing. Also, in exchange for advertising for themselves or a new venue sponsors can take on rent for mesto of your workshop.

Working with speaker and people management

Workshop Bywater to fail without speakers who share their knowledge with the participants and not the people who run it processes. Therefore it is necessary to invite authoritative speakers who have experience of the events. Well speakerszhno prepare in advance and have to spend with them the work as to what they have to do is focus and need to inform them of the expected size of the audience, count the time and logistics process, pay attention to all their specials. requirements that will be used during the time that is reserved for answers to the questions of the audience.

The event

1 day prior to the workshop you need to visit the venue in order to make sure that everything is in order according to the specifications and requirements: It must be checked:   projectors, microphones, video and audio systems. Staff involved in a seminar on the needtpravit on the venue for the preparation of the site (for installation of decorations, booths and posters). On the day of the workshop at least 1 hour before the start of his staff should already be in place. Registration of participants shall be held at the door. The staff is also responsible for helping the participants of the event and provide them with advice.

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