How to choose the polarized glasses


Polarized sunglasses are a variety solntsezaBarrier glasses and they were designed to primarily eliminate glare, and thus produce better visibility in a radius of approximately 20 meters. At large distances, this effect will be. No doubt some sort of visibility will be, but not such that E can acquire within a radius of 20 meters. However, if the radius, respectively, while they arepurpose, to help us see better on a sunny day, it would not be able to see with the naked eye. Buy.

What you should pay attention when choosing your glasses: the degree of polarization, manufacturer, color filters, or something else?

One of the first criteria for the selection of such points is comfort. So Ptski should be enough comfort for you. Because people are quite different in the case where any one of the same models suitable for one person, it is not necessary that it is suitable and the other person. Other criteria are also quite important, but in the first place is comfort.

Some people customizepoints to the type of your face by heating arches in hot water and then bend them. It is normal?

This, say so myself home method, it is not one that is suitable. After all, there are models in which all elementary adjusted without this kind of manipulation. Although if you look at pricing, the cheapere glasses will not have such regulatory capabilities, so this method is possible to use, for them and break bude less sorry than the model that costs big money. In any case, better yet to hear the recommendations of an experienced consultant in the breakfast room than in some obscure character in the market.

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