"Criticism is a push to improve" – it always says the singer Ekaterina Mikheeva


In childhood Ekaterina Mikheyeva somehow especially did not reflect on the question what she wanted to be. And in her youth she wanted to become a doctor just like her grandmother. However, the actual grandmother and was opposed to this and rejected me. So, I had to go a parent's footsteps :-).


Catherine, what was for you the simplest, most severe and most unexpected in your career?

Simple, I was not. Generally in life, nothing is simple, everything takes effort. But the most difficult was to directly find yourself in the music find your own style and way. By the way, if you are interested in more information you will find on the website: http://ekaterina-miheeva.ru/.


You often called to speak at corporate events, weddings? Agree or on the contrary deny such proposals?

I'm always happy to accept such offers. Well, except that the refuse, when I am on holiday and I'm not there or I just physically don't have the time to attend the festival.


What you have authority in music? Who would you like to be like?

I Have no idol. Accordingly, I do not have to be equal to one. But there are many that I like. With every artist that I like, I try to grasp, to adopt the particle that I hold most dear.


How do you feel about the criticism?

Criticism, in my opinion, is another impetus to improve. I adequately perceive criticism, but constructive and from people who are respected and which are to me certain samples.


Your next plans not only as a singer but also as a person?

My desire as individuals is constantly spiritually and mentally to develop, to cultivate. Most of all, what I'm afraid of, is degraded as a person!

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