A photographer is a vocation


Very often we hear about what it's like to be a real photographer. And today I will tell you why I don't agree with this expression.

Photography worked almost his entire adult life, that is, from my school years. The camera was always at hand, at the time, photography for me was like a hobby. Do not even think about in order to show someone that was shot. Technical aspects studied in books, as well senior colleagues, so to speak. The other added art school. Nothing helped and did not hurt. When a person that is interested, he does it. By the way, if you are interested in more information you will find on the website: http://kinderprazdnik.ru/content/150-fotos-emka.

Almost everything was shot on film, process errors do not forgive. You had to know a lot for the shooting and post-process. In General, even at the time, the photo log was space, when compared to the current provincial gloss. I had to really work and not cheap to create the illusion of working with a cigarette and a Cup of coffee. The real work is always unattractive, so in the big cities, a photographer is just a photographer. People who earn money. Romance is not enough.

Another thing, when some fan of glamour comes out of a small town and tries in the capital to build his own world of respect, tusni, martinis and hookers. Such photographers do exist and a lot of them. People who want to play by their rules. This is one reason why fashion photography is at the level of the floor and shovel her stink a mile away.

I am interested in the human body as a form, object, around which is built the image. And it will evoke interest in the audience, because the body is always more alive than, for example, landscape or still life.

Art is not a phobia and not mania. Art is the pinnacle, a high level of skill in what people do.

I try to separate art from life. It is an experiment. Art separate, lives separate. If I'm doing something in a rush, then what to do with her life? Moreover, that art a lot, everyone wants to try, not only photos. I photo is easy, ideas for years to come, technical problems do not see, if only to have time to implement. Try not to tie yourself to the art. If circumstances change, calmly do something else that would fit my capabilities and desire at the time.

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