What is the Declaration of personal income tax


no Wonder they say "hard in training - easy in battle". These words reveals our theme. After all, we need to make every effort to deal with the procedure of filling of declarations on the tax to incomes of physical persons (further - the Declaration). By the way, will help you cope with this difficult task, the order of state tax administration "On approval of the form of the tax Declaration under the tax to incomes of physical persons". By the way, if you are interested in more information you will find on the website: http://фбу.онлайн/katalog_uslug/fizicheskim_litsam/socialnyy_nalogovyy_vychet_za_obuchenie_deklaraciya_3-ndfl/.


General statement

the Tax Declaration on the tax to incomes of physical persons (further - NDFL) submit all tax agents. Right here can be a question that entrepreneurs have: "And we treat tax agents if you do not have to themselves employees and not exercised, payments to these persons? And to file a us Return?". Unfortunately, the answer to this question is no. If you think logically no need, because it just doesn't make sense. But at the moment look Fiscals, is still unknown. Better to insure yourself, and for January and February still to submit a Declaration. And there hopefully won't take long and tax explanations will shed light on this question.

the Declaration must be completed for all the graphs. If the information is not available in any count, it will be enough to make a line.


tax offices will not accept any return if it:

  • filled in with pencil;
  • the
  • contains erasures, blots, subtle corrections, additional notes, and strikeouts (except as provided in the form of a Declaration, the text or numbers that cannot be read due to damage of the leaves, fading, shading in ink or due to other causes;
  • the
  • it does not show any signature of the Director and chief accountant and certified with the seal of the taxpayer or signature of self-employed;
  • the
  • a photocopy of the original meets the original.

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