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it's Likely that we America will not open, if we say that ceramic tile for many years is the most popular and attractive finishing material for the bathroom. A logical question arises: how to choose? First of all, what are the nuances necessary to pay attention? What are the best colors to choose in order to expand the visual boundaries of the bathroom? Next, we will try to understand all this. And tell us about it employee the Internet-shop: where you can buy quality at an affordable price.



Masters advise: if the repairs in the bathroom has already started, then initially it is better to choose a tile and then plumbing accessories and products, so the room was decorated in a harmonious, unified style.

Today almost all tile for bathroom collections available, including wall, floor tiles (glossy or matte), as well as various decorative elements. For collection of common patterns and themes, and the base tiles available in different colors, which in turn allows zonirovat room ceramic tiles with various colors 1 pattern or motif. Collections of ceramic tiles today is just a huge number, that is why, with such a wide range, to choose it you will have no difficulty.



tile appearance is also important as its quality. That is why if you don't want every year to do repair, then do not buy a bright and causing the tiles (despite the fact that she is very fashionable). Everyone knows that fashion is a very fickle lady! Therefore, it is better to buy tiles classic design.



what color should be ceramic tile for the bathroom? Well it all depends on the individual preferences of each individual. But still there is a General recommendation: you should not select very bright colors (orange, red, yellow), because these colors will not give you the opportunity to relax and unwind. The most favorable colors are light colors pink, blue, beige, and various imitations of marble and natural stone.

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