10 budget items that make up the cost of higher education


What the students to spend money during the training? And enoughWhether scholarships? After hearing complaints about the meager stipends, many of the older generation will laugh, they say, we in the '90s, scholarships only enough to have dinner once in the dining room. In the modern reality for many students scholarship has become a significant stimulus for learning. But can you survive on this money without a surchargenogo earnings or help parents? Of course, the opinion that there may razhody. Yet to date, the scholarship paid by the state to students is very scanty. Many parents often ask their children where they go their own money during training. Today you have the opportunity to find out where the Rebet spending a scholarship and notlko.

So the 10 main points, where students Spender:

  1. Food . The main products of the diet are bread, meat, sausage, bacon, fish, milk, cheese (hard), eggs, potatoes, buckwheat, rice, pasta, vegetables, fruitand berries. Market Basket - this is the minimum required for a full set of human life food. The debate about whether these rules reflect the real state of human needs, being a long time, but the decision remains unchanged;
  2. pay for housing and utilities ;
  3. Buying clothes . You agree that young people like to dress well. But the question here is another cost: the purchase of only the most necessary things. Spending less money on clothes you can by buying it at sinks and watching Closeouts (though this takes a lot of time);
  4. Skin Care is ;
  5. The order degree, course and tests . Typically, many students bought diploma, because most do not know how to do it or do not want;
  6. Buy books . Usually students take them in libraries, but some may buy books directly for training or just to have a good time;
  7. public transport ;
  8. Visiting timespersonal cultural, educational and recreational activities ;
  9. buying cigarettes or alcohol, and the like ;
  10. Payment for good grades in examinations .

The combination ofBuchan and undermining

Some students aspiring to independence and relying on its own strength, trying to combine work with study. It is worth noting that, while studying at the hospital, working pretty hard. But they try and it turns them completely.


So, in the villageLednev time television became popular reality show, when a person survives at the limit of their physical and psycho-emotional capabilities (for example, « Survivor »). It is necessary to submit an idea for a new reality show, which will be called « Survive Scholarship & raquo ;. Perhaps, then, be able to attract the attention of society, etc.avitelstva to the actual problems of students of national universities. Today the most important thing is that students have the opportunity to support themselves and pay for their own utilities. By the way, the idea of ??a part-time job is not bad at all, so, dear students, tilt your laziness and work!

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