What is Orthodox pension "Cordy»?

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Some of the patients orthodox pension is there tnly rest and care, but also love and family happiness.

What happened to me …

The pharmacy have only three: a pharmacist, I'm an older woman in line in front of me.

- Now, if we were so at home, I would go there to live. There are the same as me. And so ... I live alone, soldtwo-bedroom apartment, bought a one-bedroom, new neighbors do not know the family is not here. So still go to work, she keeps me.

It turns out that the woman speaks of Russian nursing home who had seen on television. She sighs and walks away. And I remember the film « The Curious Case of Benjamin Button »- Frames, where the elderly evening get together, have fun, have complained that they have lost something. And in Russia? I not once heard the opinion that senior people in special institutions Orthodox bullied and children who give to their parents, live without God in the heart. This idea did not let me rest a few days. On the streetsI almost subconsciously eyeing the elderly. To better understand the situation, trying to find more information about the Russian boarding, in particular « & raquo ;. In the pension silence during violate birds or a drop of water from the roof and trees. Almost every balcony colored spots - it dries clothes residents. Finally nahozhu right building, where the administration. In the principal's office crowded: someone came to get a job, some from local, to solve everyday problems.

Are there any problems in the pension?

But the problem, according to the director, there often. It would seem that all adults, and sometimes behave Mr.ie better children. Mostly they live in rooms in twos or threes, but there are some residents who can not get along with anyone. So allocate a separate room. While the director gives me the tour, people fit together, hello, ask about the well-being and invite for a visit.

Now in a large house livesnumber of persons. And there were times when residents were nearly twice as much.
According to the director, the residents of a boarding house are not isolated from the outside world. If necessary, they may leave the establishment, warning of prolonged absence of the administration. Always read newspapers, watch television news, and Friday night here SPEECHshall be engaged less passion than on political talk shows, where everyone is waiting for. These people were born under the Soviet regime, and some remember the war.

One of the grandmothers, Anna Stanislavovna on what does not complain: the food good and warm, there is someone to talk to. Thinking about food, he smiled and then explained remembered resident Pansionata who decided to give soup to her fiance. This should be the first wedding gift.
- And you did not call anybody to marry? - I asked
- His name. And as the young was called, but my son has put a choice: either a man or me. He said that he will run away from home. So was she. And there was the name, but what he told me here is this man? If IMEla city, he would have gone and dug up. And so? To have someone to wash his pants? A-ah, I do not want this. And I can not erase - have already suffered two heart attacks. Even walking up the stairs can not only lift. I have long heard that nursing homes are getting married, and that this is done for the sake of economy. Please introduce me to spouses who were formed in these walls. Old age should not be afraid. The director would like to see more young people come here - students, schoolchildren. To better understand the aging.

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