5 reasons to stop sitting on a diet

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trying to lose weight people tend to achieve quick results, so rigidly limit themselves in power. Diet is the main way in which you wish to get rid of excess weight. Unfortunately, such an approach is unsustainable after the transition to the previous diet pounds come back again. To the slimming process led to the desired result, you can use that is available on the website. You should also build a proper diet. But diets should be abandoned, and there are 5 good reasons that illuminate the drawbacks of the strict food restrictions (if they are not connected with the testimony of the attending physician).


Landmark external factors

the first Reason is the inability to know yourself. Based diets is the counting of calories, protein, fat, carbohydrates, amount of eaten food. All these are external factors that need to focus losing weight person. You have to act within strict limits by constantly monitoring these parameters. Questions Hungry? What I want to eat? go by the wayside. The person ceases to listen to yourself, trying to cram often tasteless food so much power minimum, real needs are not being met, you cease to listen to your body.


Patience prohibitions

Diets are associated with restriction in the diet: eat junk and healthy foods. Those meals that are banned, become the object of attention. You start to think about them and want even more. As they say, forbidden fruit is sweet. In such rigid moral conditions to be a long time will not work. The pleasure of food is lost, we have to endure and deprive yourself of delicious food.


there is No guarantee of long-term effect

Diet is a temporary phenomenon. Many sit on them a week or two, especially patient manages to hold a little more. But in the end, all go on the same diet. This is due to the fact that to keep themselves within strict limits, to endure physical and psychological limits difficult. Good figure price torment is not the best result, because to maintain it in such a way will have to stick to a diet for a long time, perhaps always. Not everyone is capable of that. In the end, the food restrictions have temporary effect.


like it or not, should not

Internal conflict the more reason to abandon the diet. Permitted foods, usually fresh in taste, looks unremarkable and do not deliver such pleasure, as prohibited. Latest bring much more satisfaction. Losing weight on a diet man is in constant restless between want and need breaks often. Resulting in gaining extra pounds and feels remorse. There is an internal conflict.


Falling self-esteem

to Withstand a 2-week diet on buckwheat or kefir few are able without harm, both physical and moral. With each failure of a result, more extended, and save the resulting form becomes harder self-esteem drops and lost total motivation.

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