What is the earnings of a sperm donor?

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according to the statistics, more young people in Ukraine strive to master the profession of a sperm donor. This activity attracts men as an easy way of earning. But is it really so easy to donate, and how profitable this business?


Professional obligations of a donor

First of all, the man who decided to become a donor, you must understand that taking on more responsibility. In order for the baby to be born healthy, and the sperm had a good fertilizing quality, men have to largely limit myself to abandon activities such as alcohol, cigarettes, access to the sauna. A few days before a visit to the sperm Bank is contraindicated and intimate contacts.

to Monitor their health professional duty of a sperm donor. Every six months, the men visit a psychiatrist, take tests, undergo a medical examination. Even influenza or a sore throat is a contraindication for donation.


work As donors?

sperm Donors are divided into two categories: anonymous and private. Anonymous working with tanks and reproductive clinics. cooperate with customers directly. And, as a rule, private offer free services.

Anonymous donors enter into with the sperm Bank the relevant contract. Seminal fluid pass 1 time per week. According to the rules, the man needs to cooperate with only one reproductive institution or criodrilidae.
Personal information about the donor is hidden, according to the privacy policy. So, if you want to have a chance to communicate with their biological children, or at least to obtain some information about them, it is better to engage in private activity.
Anonymous donation is viewed solely as a way to earn extra money. But how much is the salary of a Ukrainian man in this way?


average Monthly income

the income of the donor in the Ukrainian state depends on the reputation of the fertility clinic, with which it collaborates, and also on how responsibly it performs a task.
on average, during one visit to a sperm Bank the donor gets about 200 hryvnia. As to pass the biological material can be no more than once per week, the standard monthly earnings of a sperm donor is 800 hryvnia.
of Course, the larger and more impressive cryostorages, the higher the income of the donor. For example, men, collaborating with prestigious Kiev sperm banks and reproductive centers can earn about a thousand hryvnia per month.
as the main way of earning sperm donation in Ukraine to consider hardly worth it. This activity can be a good part time job, however, men need to understand the responsibility it takes on, engaging in sperm donation.

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