"Sofosbuvir", a revolutionary drug for the treatment of hepatitis C

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Sofosbuvir is a new generation product with antiviral properties that is applied for . Of the drugs of the previous generation it differs in that it operates solely on the causative agent of the disease.

recently, the main drug that is prescribed to patients for hepatitis C was Peginterferon, which has a lot of side effects. Now, thanks to Sofoluwe its reception can be completely excluded.

In the US, the drug received approval for use as a cure for hepatitis C in 2013. And after performance of clinical approbations that were unsuccessful, Sofosbuvir has been declared the European Association of studying liver disease, the best cure for hepatitis C. In the treatment of this disease is related to the 2-nd and 3-th genotype, were used for a couple of Sofosbuvir with Ribavirin, and for treatment of hepatitis 1-St and 3-rd genotypes, Sofosbuvir in combination with Peginterferon + Ribavirin.

a year Later, the old drugs were replaced by new ones (Datalever + Ledipasvir), thanks to them, 100% were able to stop taking Interferon. Scheme of Daclatasvir + Sofosbuvir and Sofosbuvir + Mediasvr have miraculous action not only in hepatitis, but also liver cirrhosis. Due to the unique therapeutic properties who added Sofosbuvir to the list of the most important medicines.


Key benefits

If you compare Sofosbuvir with other drugs which are used in the treatment of hepatitis C, it has several serious advantages:

  • easily tolerated by even older;
  • it has minor side effects;
  • gives you the opportunity 100% to abandon the use of interferon;
  • greatly increases the effectiveness of therapy, as a result, its duration is reduced to two or three times;
  • can be used for the treatment of HIV-infected people.

Mechanism of action of Sofosbuvir

This drug has a targeted inhibitory action on RNA polymerase NS5B. Ultimately, the virus loses the ability to copy their RNA and become unable to reproduce and develop.


Clinical trials

world medicine Sofosbuvir produced dramatic changes in the treatment of hepatitis C that gave people suffering from the disease, the ability to obtain effective treatment, without side effects.

During clinical testing the drug has shown excellent results. So, therapy of hepatitis C with Sofosbuvir in all subjects were successful (95 percent of all cases was achieved sustained virologic effect.

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