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photo Studio ATOP Studio has several rooms with an area up to 150 sq. m with luxurious furniture and a set of professional equipment for the Swedish brand Profoto. Rooms have huge floor Windows, through which daylight is sufficient. 14 Windows on 4 sides, so if you need, you can choose any lighting. To illuminate the selected constant source, the light shaping tools, reflectors, light diffusers. To create the right atmosphere: the tunnel fan, smoke generator.

it has separate rooms, so you can work quietly and not hear noise from the next room. Part of the premises multi-level plan with the ability to create multiple interiors. To select the most appropriate room, and also see photos of each room or take a 3D tour. You can rent a hall and at night. Booking on the website with one click on the selected space and the right time. After selecting the hall of the chosen paper or fabric background, their range is also represented on the site. Scenes for the photo shoot picks up the client alone or with the help of specialists of the Studio.

the Basic equipment for filming is free of charge. Optionally you can rent: cameras, lenses, stands, strip, flash, smoke generator, fan, projector; full list is published on the website atop

the Choice usually depends on the events is:

  • Wedding;
  • Convenient to book your family photo shoot: children grow up, the memory remains. The photo shoot is a feast for every woman, it is not necessary to limit yourself to joy. It's one thing to see yourself in the mirror and quite another to capture professional photos;
  • photo Studio offers a rental service for bloggers, magazines, regular photographers, advertising photo shoots, commercial and private. For permanent tenants of discounts for club card, individuals discounts on the birthday. In the Studio works photography school, where students learn the basic techniques of photography, learning styles, looking for your, analysing the works of famous photographers, develop creative approach to work. Such training is necessary not only for future professionals but Amateurs for whom photography is a favorite hobby.
  • Negotiation;
  • the Lecture;
  • workshops;
  • Workshops;
  • birthdays and so on.

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