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Today aquariums interior use more often. Because they are an ornament and give moresophisticated look. The most popular built-in aquarium, because they take up little space and are embedded in the walls, cabinets and other household items. By the way, examples of built-in aquariums you can see on the site studio "THE AQUARIUM":.

People who set built into the wall aquariums can choose the pamki to your taste. Frame emphasizes the splendor and elegance of the room. Also it is possible to embed more and a specific area of ??the window. This idea, in my opinion, quite interesting, but it must be approached with extreme caution. Construction itself is very fragile and apparently it may be exposed to   various negative phenomena. In addition itfirst, another danger is the sharp change of temperature. Thus, as the window is a place where the temperature is constantly changing, so it depends on the weather conditions.

It is equally important to choose the color and decor fill the tank. I recommend to choose the decor, which will be on a blue background, contrasting coraland considerable stones. In this case, you can not lose with a view. A background data sets decorate bright and exclusive fish. By the way, not all fish like small square aquariums, especially the majority who prefer large areas. Which fish naughty you can not guess, so I choose for them rather big aquariums.

It is equally important point is the lighting. It will help to reflect the depth and graceful appearance. In addition, if you turn it off at night, then no harm will ask the fish.

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