Spirituality as one of the specific types of worldview

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On the principle of tacit knowledge built esoteric knowledge. As for the words ezoterLinda, it is most often translated as secret. In other words it should be classified as something closed the eyes of knowledge.

So, is a special type of rationality in the culture, which applies to both the scientific and the religious teaching. Broad interpretation of this concept has undergone onlyThe 20th century. Esoteric is guided in his own doctrine cosmology, metaphysics and psychology.

This type of attitude is not cut off from the world. It is based on the doctrine of man. Therefore, all the interpretations of the concept of truths directed to the human. In the context of ezoteriki occupies an important place studiedtion spiritual states, and absolute God.

The main esoteric forms of knowledge are:

  1. Evidence;
  2. The contemplation of beauty.

In this view basic fundamental theses of spirituality. At one time they specifyoval famous philosopher V.Rozin:

  • another criticism all the values ??of everyday life and culture;
  • The belief in the existence of some other-worldly reality;
  • The belief in the possibility of transforming their identity, change yourself to another person;
  • The recognition of the special role of the month in existence.

The final aim of the exercise is to focus esotericism in itself and study its internal characteristics. People gradually began to comprehend their relationship to life and to seek the meaning of human existence.
The importance of considering esotericis that it allows directed to look at the world and examine in detail the problems of his own life.

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