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The interesting fact is that oncepersonal religion including the world – Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and other – considered the highest spiritual practice chanting Name God . Although name and God in your every religion, their repetition (on beads or songs) gives a result that is confirmed by a living example of people who have achieved the highest level holiness through such practice.

Why do so many Name ? God - is the Supremepersonality, and each name indicates a particular aspect or quality, which he has unlimited set. Chanting the holy Name and we will contact with the divine energies that purify our consciousness away sins and change our life – it's that simple.

It is understood thatGod is one, but it has many facets and qualities, and He manifests itself in different ways, including through the various religions. Every religion gives his explanation of the meaning and importance of chanting the divine Name – those words that are best understood her followers. Thus, God paves the setthe set of paths to himself, and a person can choose the one that appealed to him. And if we have chosen a particular path, it does not mean that all the other worse or even wrong. You just need to go on their own and give the other to go through their elected. Therefore, no matter what religion we choose, no need to condemn or criticize other spiritual practices, wellzhno just go to the highest goal of human life – revival of love for God and a return to the spiritual world.

How does the chanting Name and God

When chanting Name God vibration occurs subtle energy which balances the fluctuations of the mind, creates inner harmony and positive effect on the entire nervous system of the human body.

In this peaceful state a person can stovit glimpse of the divine consciousness, to experience a sense of unity and taste the supreme joy of eternal bliss, which is the nature of the soul. As the practice of people understand that the Lord Name and – it's not just the sound, and the greatest force that can overcome all the destructive forces in humanecheskom mind and body, free from the influence of the previously committed sins and prepare for the perception of a higher truth.

Chanting Saints Name gives us all the blessings, which typically reach pious (socially useful disinterested) and any religionNRIs activity, but apart from that we get and the higher spiritual benefit that can not be obtained any other way. Any religious activity is good, but chanting Name of the Lord is the supreme way of liberation, because it gives the worldand peace, freed from the cycle of birth and death, and bringing us back to the original abode – kingdom God . &Nbsp;

Most of the information about the saints Name s and the power contained in the various branches of Hinduism, but other religions may dossufficiently tell a lot about the power of chanting. We can only choose what is in our heart response and engage in a more detailed study of this issue.

The mantras and prayers – what more?

Prayer – this sincere appeal to the Supreme Soul, containing, as a rule, some request, in tWhile the mantra of often contain a Name and God and to a lesser extent contain request. From this point of view mantra preferable.

In the words of Osho, the best prayer – it is thanks to the Lord (analog - inspevanie with the help of mantras), and is the highest level that we, ordinary people, it is difficult even to understand. Nevertheless, even a prayer, asking – it's not bad, because at the time it occurs most importantly -, even if we do not hear the answer in the form of words.

Any Religion – a tool towardsGod, and not an end in itself, and it is important not to confuse one with the other.

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