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If the Bible is a book of God, then there should not be any contradictions. Everything there must be consistent and coordinated. But critics of the Bible find there contradictions. How can this be explained?

The style of narration of various Bible books, of course is different. This can be explained by the fact that different people wrote it, which differed by social origin and lived in different times. Even if one event is described by several people (such as the Gospel), you can also find differences. It can be explained that all people, when describe the same event, describe it in different ways. One man pays attention to one thing, another - on the other thing. The third generally can not see a lot and omit it. One can look at the chronology of events, and another to the event as a whole. Hence there appear the contradictions. But, if we will look attentively on these events the contradictions will dissolve.

BibleOne example of the event is described in the Gospel of Matthew 8:5. It tells how the centurion refers to Jesus with the request to heal his servant. The same event Luke describes otherwise. By him - the elders of the Jews refers with this request, but not centurion. To understand this, you can read about how Solomon built the temple. In the book 2 Paralipomenon 3:1 is written: "Then Solomon began to build the house of God in Jerusalem." We perfectly understand that it was done by the builders, but under the leadership of Solomon. The same with the centurion and Jesus. Matthew captures the essence of the event, who and what have asked, and Luke describes it in details, that the centurion asked not personally, but via the elders. But the essence remains the same.

Another so-called contradiction, recorded in Matthew 20:20,21. There is described how mother of Zavedeev's sons comes to Jesus with the request. The same event, Mark describes it such a way, that sons came to Jesus personally. It is clear that the sons conveyed their request through the mother, Mark simply omitted this detail. We often hear such retelling of the events from different people. One is telling detail, another - only essence. But this does not mean that someone is lying.

Sometimes it is enough to read the entire context to dispel the contradictions. If you read the full text it becomes clear from where Cain took a wife. There is written that: "Adam gave birth for sons and daughters." He could marry a sister as well as a niece.

Two more claims of the Bible are often criticized. The apostle Paul said, "you have been saved through faith... not of works". And the apostle Jacob said: " Faith without works is dead." If you see the context, we can see that Paul refers to the Jews, they lived by the letter of the law, and hoped that only this would make them the righteous. Paul wanted to draw their attention to the fact that it is impossible to win the approval of God, if only comply the law, its also important to demonstrate faith in the sacrifice of Jesus. And James opened the second side, faith is useless if the person does not do any affairs. And without one, and without other this is impossible.

MosesMoses and Joshua described the same place on different sides of the Jordan. Therefore Moses wrote about this place as "this side of the Jordan," and Joshua says, "beyond the Jordan." This can be read in the book of Numbers.

Events can sometimes be described in many ways. For example, from the 1 chapter of the Genesis book, we can conclude that man was created after all the rest. And from the second chapter it seems the opposite. The thing is that the second chapter focuses all our attention on the man in the details, and everything else is omited. And the first chapter describes how, what and when was created. In the first chapter, we can see just the chronology of events, and in the second - everything is presented thematically.

BibleSometimes you can find contradictions that can not be explained. But most often it is because we can not know all the facts. It is impossible to describe all the details. If this were the case, then instead of a pocket Bible, we would have a whole huge library.

And the purpose of the Bible is not to teach us a history - to satisfy the spiritual needs of a man. To answer the question with regards to sense of life and who is God. And Bible fits these requirements perfectly.

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    Sandy - 7.12.2012, 00:07
    Interesting ideas, who knows maybe you are right.
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    Wens - 14.12.2012, 15:40
    Yes in some places Bible realy contradicts itself.
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    Luke - 19.12.2012, 10:18
    I think Bible not contradict itself everyone understands it on his own there are all contradictions.
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    Yolo - 31.12.2012, 16:39
    It's in reality a nice and useful piece of information. I'm satisfied that you simply shared this useful info with us. Please stay us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.