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Probably not even every young person today can remember a time when the music player, which you can listen to on the street, weigh at least 200 g, was cumbersome and runs on batteries. And then you need to take a couple discs with you. At least, the current students definitely do not remember that, because just about 10 years ago disc players began to recede, giving the way to a compact MP3 players. The first devices was clumsy, with a small amount of memory and also run on batteries. However, progress is never standing in place, gradually from the "single-cell" player has grown the monsters with extraordinary features and functions (eg, protection from water and shocks, Bluetooth), an unusual form-factor (bracelets, clips on a belt and so on), Volume of memory - up to 8/16/32 GB and accumulator capacity - up to several dozens hours of playing.
MP3 playerThere is a widest choice in the offline and online stores. A person who is not interested in novelties of gadgets and development of their music features, can easily fall for the bait of crafty seller. He can sell you some non-functional stuff, flavored with lots of gifts and painted in bright colors device's possibilities, or vice versa, some expensive item with a set of unneeded for you features.
When buying online, pay attention to the store's website itself, is there a legal information, look for information about it online and see reviews not only on the store's website, but on the forums too.
Now about the players itselves. As with any purchase, it is necessary to think over it. Decide for yourself what you want from the MP3- player: just listen to the music during the morning exercises or on the way to school/work, or you want to browse the photographs of your favorite hamster and watch music clips? In the first case it will be enough a player with a simple radio, but in the second - you will need a player with a large screen, touch screen, long battery life and possibility of expansion of native memory (or simply the maximum of its capacity). See the difference?
Some of the fair half choosing players and other equipment on the basis of, "Oh, rosy (with rhinestones)." But I think other people interested in the functional device.
MP3 player Players on hard drives are the most overall. They boast over 20 GB of memory, a large and clear touch screen, Bluetooth, miniUSB, and other advanced features. As you know, this player can carry on hundreds of audio tracks, images and dozens of videos. However, this player is not very comfortable to wear because of their size, the diagonal of the gadget is not less than 2.5 inches. This is only one disadvantage. But there are also: fragility of the present moving parts, as well as a couple of years of active using of accumulator will wear out it and it will stop to hold a charge. MP3 player ipodBut it will be problematic to replace it due to the lack of obsolete spare parts. Unfortunately, this is the price of progress. A striking example of such a player is the iPod Classic from Apple.
MP3- players, with built-in flash memory, characterized by small size and reliability of the body (it has no moving fragile details). However, the memory in these devices rarely exceeds 8 GB. Unfortunately, these devices also can not boast with a low price. Apple iPod Shuffle refers to this type of MP3 players.
MP3 player ipod shuffle MP3 player with built-in mini-hard disk represent something average. They are less likely possess both advantages and disadvantages of the two previous configurations. This is kind of compromise.
If you want to periodically change your toy, you should watch not only for what's new in MP3 industry, but also for online ads. There you will be able to profitably sell your old MP3, but pay a little and buy a new one.

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