Spirit, soul, body

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Spirit, Soul, Body

You are not just your face, not just your body.
From ancient times people have carried the conviction that, besides the body, a person has something else that distinguishes him from the others - his soul.
SoulEarlier Religion has dealt with   Soul (and now, in our enlightened age it does not stop to deal with). But it does not dismount soul into the parts. Relationships of the human soul with the world and God are the most important for religion.
Religion regards the soul as one of the three mandatory components of man: spirit, soul, body.
Body is only yours, given to you for this life, so that your soul had time to find harmony with the spirit.
The body is mortal. The ancient Greek philosopher Platon said that the body is a prison of the soul. The ancient Greeks did not believe in the resurrection of the dead. And many religions, including Christianity, teaches that we will revive in the body. And Christians believe that this new body will be immortal, and nonageing. Remember: "And I dream another soul, in other clothes..."? Such a body was after the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
The soul, of course, also yours. Soul - is something that can have feelings: love, fear, hope... The soul is immaterial, but it can be clean or dirty. Even black.
bodyDifferent people have pointed a dwelling place of the soul in different parts of the body. Europeans believe that the soul dwells in the heart, an African - in the liver, the Indians and Mexicans - in the solar plexus. Whatever it was, soul exists. Once the doctors performed the experiments on weight change during life and immediately after death. Weight was different. Slightly, to milligrams, but the weight of the dead - was less! Maybe they weighed the soul.
Unlike the body, the soul is immortal. It is embodied (from the word " body"), and then leaves the body.
Here's how John of Damascusone - one of the greatest Orthodox theologian think about the soul:
... The soul is the live essence, simple and bodiless,
by nature invisible to the physical eye,
immortal, and endowed with mind and intellect,
without form,
enjoying equipped with organs body
and feeds it (the body) - life and growth,
has a feeling, and the productive force,
having the mind, and the mind for the soul - is the same as the eyes are for the body,
variable - it have too volatile will...
People believed that the soul - is a product, which was given to man. He must "cleverly" dispose with this product. Talked about the fact that you can "sell" the soul to the devil. Or you can "give" it to God by: ministry, righteous life. On how you dispose with it, depends, whether you live with "quiet, clean" soul or "with a stone on the soul".
In your life you can and should find soulmates. Above all, this should be your mom and dad, close and distant relatives. Also other people, strangers could warm you with warmth.
spirit Spirit - is the thinnest, high, that is in the man. This is actually what a person does not own. This is what man can and must obey. It is a guardian angel, guard, a giant, hidden in you. It's difficult to communicate with him - he is silent, until you do not want to know him. He judges your actions, he makes you less if you do not communicate with him.
Christians say that Spirit - this is what makes us living beings, and that allows the soul to seek God.
Subjection to the Spirit makes a man holy, like God. But this requires the exertion of all mental and physical strengths. Spirit requires sacrifice, total commitment.
Spirit is unique to humans. Animals have souls, but they do not have the Spirit.
So, our soul must listen the Spirit, and the body must subordinate it desires to the will of their soul. If this order is violated, the man becomes a slave of his own bodily whims. We know that it is time to rise, and the body wants to luxuriate in bed. We are convinced that it is necessary to pour with cold water in the morning, and the body is afraid and shirked. We want to be thin and beautiful, and our hands reach for another cake. And this happens every day.
soul god

When the soul "squeezes" in the first place, and does not listen to the Spirit, we become servants of their spiritual needs and preferences.

First of all, we want spiritual comfort, peace, respect of others and love adventures. And for all of this, we can easily give up of our higher purpose - to bring love to our neighbors, to wish good to others, homeland, society and people.

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