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Parquet decades reserveschampionship race the most durable flooring. With proper care and regular sex can enjoy 3 generations. Flooring fully endowed with the characteristics of natural parquet floor. However, contingency, and therefore from time to time may be required repairs. But not always necessarycompletely change the flooring, especially given that price floorboard is high enough - it is possible to repair the parquet board , corresponding to the identified « failure & raquo ;. Especially flooring in withsilt somewhat different structure and manufacturing technology often perfectly amenable to repair, much better and easier than parquet.

The basic rule floor repair of parquet board says that if possYou can replace the board with defects, it is best to do it. If not – do repairs.

Scratches and gouges

Scratches and gouges – the most common and frequently occurring defects, especially if the premises are often children's games. However theymost amenable to repair. So that by repairing scratched fragment varnished floor, it is necessary to thoroughly clean it, then gently apply special repair lacquer. In the case of potholes, the situation is somewhat more complicated – need special repair putty, which is applied to the cleaned place with a flaw,sanded after drying, and just opened a repair varnish. Periodically requires scraping the parquet in the room (the removal of old varnish and the upper layer processing flaws putty, sanding, priming, painting in several stages).

cracks and crevices

If not strictly observed stacking technology and riversomendatsy producer, as well as due to possible significant seasonal variations in temperature and humidity, with time at the junction of paintings parquet board , as well as near the skirting boards can be formed cracks and crevices. If this is not an isolated case, that is,on the floor to better understand and perestelit again. Repair cracks and fissures is a thorough treatment of the defect with a sharp object, then you should use a repair putty and paint. At the same time, if you can not make more extensive work floor (eg perestelit fragment and completely replaced by a new) With a slit width polusantimetra, the gap must be deepened, align and clean up the edges, and then drive a tightly into the slot on the right type of wood inserts, greased with mastic or joiner's glue. Next repaired place sanded and varnished.

Hlyupki and creaking

If eventually floor parquet board was the « squish » and squeak, it may indicate deterioration of the substrate (which happens in the most loaded areas) and / or of poor quality. In this case it is necessary to disassemble the floor covering completely or sufficientlyScheu fragment thereof, align uneven floors, replace if necessary substrate (part or full) and produce laying again with all the rules of technology.

fissuring or loosening

Without parsing flooring can not do in the case of cracks of the individual strips or loosening vsledstvie inappropriate indoor environment, improper care or parquet parquet board. In a single case worn strap can be removed and replaced with new ones, when large-scale defect – replace flooring completely.

Dismantling – the only way out when a large leak water and other liquids on the floor and hit (infiltration) them under cover. Wood – the material from which made flooring . The price corresponds with environmental and durability, but even treated with special solutions, it is hygroscopic. After flooringleaks must be removed to dry: parquet board , substrate subfloor.

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