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What is the sanatorium understand, perhaps, all the modern tourists. It is true at each resort has its own characteristics that allow us to say that the Sanatorium strife. The differences are manifested in very different factors and features of rest and treatment. To list all at once useless, so it is easier to explain everything on the privatean example of one of the best seaside resorts of Russia, and so the city of Anapa.
– is a significant, if not the greatest, part of the resort. Anapa itself is considered a children's summer resort, but it is only at first glance. The overwhelming majority of several million tourists annually visit the resort is adults. Those who are arrivingare not only sunbathe in the sun and swim in the Black Sea, just consider the possibility to use existing Anapa medical factors. Here begins the differences, the main of them – by location, by medical factors, the type of beaches and so on. The most important point is the geographical location of the resort.

Health Anapa

All sanatorium Anapa can be divided by location into two parts – located in the city and placed in the street Pioneer Avenue.

What's the difference:

  1. Health located the city – this large resort associations created more under Soviet rule. All city sanatorium are comfortable, located in the resort chaof the city and have excellent medical facilities. But health centers in the city is small and vouchers they must be ordered in advance;
  2.   street Pioneer Avenue Anapa was created back in the 60s of the 20th century, as a kind of children's medical facilities. The street itself has a length of approximately 10.5 kilometers from Goroyes Anapa side resort village Vityazevo. On this street are located in three tiers spa and hotel establishments, which are currently completely redeveloped for a family vacation. Therefore holiday in the Pioneer Avenue, you can be located in a quiet park, but remote from the urban services and infrastructurethe structure of the terrain.


This is just one of the possible differences in identical conditions resorts. The beaches are also very important. Virtually all the sanatorium Anapa is located within walking distance from the sea. Here are just resting inurban health centers, you will know that the beaches in the city of Anapa two types – pebble and sand. Pebble beaches less busy and crowded city sand almost all summer. On Pioneer Avenue just sandy beaches, but for what they are never overcrowded. You can reach the sea at any time and not be afraid that will notcomfortable. In addition, many sanatorium on Pioneer Avenue rent for closed (only their campers) use some parts of the beach.

Mineral waters

You can also note that in Anapa widely used treatmentmineral water. Some large Anapa sanatorium , located on Pioneer Avenue, are well on their territory, by which the selection and produce unique types of mineral water. It is safe to say that their pros and cons are at all resorts in Anapa, but choose towhat it will be reasonably necessary to rest and gather all possible information.

features and options to choose from many resorts and this is just one of the resorts in Russia. The same pattern will appear in front of you and at other resorts, no matter where they are located.

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