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&Krasnodarndash; what's this? The question now is no longer relevant. The city, which is home actually more than one million people. The capital of the Kuban Krasnodar Territory or, as is often said Aborigines. A city with a long history (founded in 1793), an abundance of monuments, cultural and entertainment centers. The city is quite large and that is why there WHOarise quite interesting, but it is quite clear trends associated with rest.

Rest in Krasnodar

Given the variety of flavors and the presence of large numbers of people in Krasnodar, rest in this city year-round concept. In summer the city becomes empty, the holidays and the presence ofin the Krasnodar Territory resorts such as, Gelendzhik and Sochi actively promote this. Go not away, flying buses, trains and planes, in the summer are extremely numerous. The presence of their airport of Krasnodar allows without too much difficulty to plan holidays abroad. But here comes the winter. Timetables becomes bolher poor, Black Sea resorts can no longer willing to take a dip in the ocean climatic reasons, and thought about the rest directed in a different direction. Hunting skiing and sledding, to plunge into the winter snow fairy tale, get something that is impossible in a large southern city. That's all you can get, not far from Krasnodar excellent winter kuRorty Dombay, Lago-Naki, Sochi Krasnaya Polyana. Opportunities for recreation seem ideal …

Vehicles in Krasnodar: hire bus transfer.

But in summer and winter there is a question of transport, with a completely different reasons. Go to the resorts are not far away,but the timetable is not always convenient. Practically impossible to get tickets and back and forth. The same problem is the exodus – corporate holiday, family or group trip. Here also comes to the rescue. This, however, may not be a bad way out. Pros rent buses to bring easy. You need to goteam to rest – rang, ordered the bus. And you know in advance of its capacity and comfort. You do not impose additional excursions – accompanying guide, the obligatory tourist programs and other unnecessary elements. The bus will take you from the location of your choice, from virtually anywhereKrasnodar Territory and, most importantly, deliver to the same at the appointed time. And this is just an example to travel to the rest.
Transfer is no less problematic part of any trip. For example, take a trip to the big event, whether it is the Winter Olympics in Sochi and the summer festival « Cubana & raquo ;. Get to your destination mYou can also directly, but always have problems with the tickets, the excitement, crazy prices from dealers. But you can go and simpler way. Your group did not have tickets for the train or plane, you have decided to save money? It's easy. Almost always free tickets to railway stations Tunnel, Novorossiysk or Anapa. Safely reachvivo Recording pre-book a transfer to Sochi (or whenever you need a place for you). Went to the station and see you waiting bus. If we calculate the possible costs, taking into account the need for a place to get from the station to the destination (which is probably a taxi), this option will be cheaper – bus takes to the desired item.
And stillx Examples very much. No obvious solution to the problem often can be the most practical and rational, if all planned in advance.

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