"Central Park


Park Central is located in the South-West of Moscow in Solntsevo . As this place is the most popular among locals who love to spend in the free time, the administration decided to renovate. Today here work on the landscaping of the Park, so the Park entrance is partially obstructed.


reconstruction of the Central Park

it is Planned that during the period of reconstruction will be cleaned the bottom of the pond and fortified the shore. That to the experts of Mosvodokanal. They will also do a repair of culverts. In the surrounding areas working fully update the tracks: change the asphalt and lay a special coating for cyclists.

Also will be improved existing trails. A new cover will appear on the embankment, now overgrown with grass. While walking the residents of the district will be able to admire the surrounding views, sitting on the benches. Families with children can relax on one of the playgrounds or play areas. All carousels are made of quality materials and the latest technology.


playing sports in Central Park

the usual workout in the fresh air is planned that the territory will have sports grounds with modern equipment. Also everyone will be able to rent a scooter, bike or Segway in one of the rental equipment. On-site will set the scene, which will hold various festivities. About it, by the way, have asked many times at meetings with the head of the Council and a prefect. The Park will always light workers will also install additional eighty lights to the already existing.

Citizens will be able to stay in designated picnic areas or on spherevision lawn in Central Park. Also great attention is paid to the memorial to soldiers-liberators, to which residents bring flowers in ordinary days and public holidays. Professionals will not remove it, but on the contrary, put in order. When it is planned to complete the reconstruction, not yet reported. Residents look forward to the Grand opening of the Park again to walk around the grounds with a stroller or with a dog.

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