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7 veresnya STOLICA RF svatku Day Mista. Moscow viponds 869 ​​years. Exact Vik, Moscow costameno nhto not know, that walk lead, 1147 s rock, if won vpershe Bula zhadana in Pasha topic.

Day Mista Moskvich steel Wasmachine z 1947 roku, if Moscow vypolnila 800 years. Then versino Bulo, scho Persha Saturday veresnya - sacred to vsih stolichnyh italv.

To Moscow VSI otnosatsa in rsname. , ti, hto not to love Tsey megapols through Shvydko the rhythm of life, matuszna, visok GradC budul, traffic jams and Pagano ecology, ale s yakih were the causes of zmuszeni life same here. Zgidno s polls, niezadowolenie of about 20 percent. However blesst Moskvichev not panauti your Ridne Misto hi Yak on the other.

kogos Ulublena s ditinstva, someone prehow to stolic the attempt Krasova life, someone SMH pakriti , and someone pohaf of rozczarowany. In DOS skin TSE velicine Misto Salish sviy it should be (for skin svy). Ale at whether yakomu vipadku Moscow - TSE a bike, privalige I duzhe scave Misto, about scho SWAT nastup survey.


Facts about Moscow:

  1. there is the toll-DV vers origin titles Mista. For odnu Verso vono walk from finskogo Mosk - wedmd . VI - water, and for other versa - danielov Jansky movi Moscow this means sirst , or wet ;
  2. From Russie - Clubbing - CE Misto nails for chiseling population. In Bloom of any progia 12 million inhabitants. Moscow to enter the top 10 themselves blsa megapolis world;
  3. Only the fourth pokolinnja people scho live in Moscow postijno, we wagati cornie Muscovites, ale je lachey including 2 %. Wherein s rock year vasotec rosiyskih italv STA all mensem;
  4. If slasti VSI vulitsi Mista, h proteinsthe stock, about 4350 kilometers. Plochou scho yde zi shvidky 5 kph times without supino, will need more msata dwellers podolati this way;
  5. Niveau Teleview in Clubbing - je Ostanski and visit won on the 8th in f in the middle vsih Budivel. Vista VI - 540 meters;
  6. Zgidno s data 2008 rock in Moscow znahodytsya 571 pamyatnik that 417 NSA Torv, POV'yazanyh s Stolichnie dates. Navidi pamyatnik state Avenue in the World, and nazivaetsa obelisk Pacoran space , Yogo Vista 107 meters;
  7. School in Moscow znahodytsya Rosiyska sovereign library - 1-s themselves blsa bblock s caselist books hope milionw 40. For knigafund won postupate lachey National bamatec the Congress have Washington;
  8. Moscow znahodytsya Nili zoo Russie. The nom can pobachiti more 550 vidv tvarin s osogo world;
  9. Moscow znahoditsya 446 Museu. For Zborov Torv is the stench zagaytsy z by znamenitymi collections world. However Muse regularly vdut vsogo lachey, about 3 % itelf Mista;
  10. One s Nila Museu world it is believed Moskovskiy Kreml. Najstarsza part Mista Sigma 27 hectars I Vraja beauty of Derby, sobaru I palacu;
  11. Bagato mist world mozhut, posaditi Moscow for clcct Park. Najstarszy them - TSE Alexandrvskye garden, blastaway in the eighteenth stall;
  12. Moscow , I 837 Orthodox hrmv Kaplice, and Uspenski Cathedral - TSE najstarsza Budva Moscow (1475-1479), scho zbereglasya to our days;
  13. Kramsk coranti . nistarim hodnikom in Moscow: h diameter - 9 meters, Davina guilino Strelki - more 4 meters, and Vaga - about 50 crogram;
  14. Z 1994 roku in Moscow dіє resolved Uryadov, according to the yakoy z z 23-00 to 7-00 dogs zaboronen gavkari. The owners, that is not viewauth zahodiv schodo otrimannya silence vihovannya, zagrozu fine;
  15. Maskovskiy metro - TSE odne s neglibly I nekrasivyh in in the. Home 10 tisyach postw to carry 9 mlion Pasaieru scho . najvisim swetam pokajnica. By the way, if hate napramku to the center, the pumping station will golosovaniia colock voice, and from the center - inocin; at Rusi on Clavi ln for Vodennikov strelau - colock voice against Vodennikov Strelki - gnochm. TSE zrobleno dwellers dopomogty slim the passengers Orna.

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