8 five myths about the programming language Java


In this article we look at 8-nil of the most common misconceptions and myths about Java. And tell us about them, Paul reed - Director of the eponymous school of programming ( you can read on the official website: itstart.by).

  • Java is very slow. This is a very old myth, which used raelno was true. From the start the virtual machine, they are running Java byte code, was very imperfect. The difference in speed of execution of those tasks between the interpreted Java code and the usual compiled code could be hundreds of times;
  • In Java programming is very difficult. This myth is based largely on the fact that a regular class library tree-like multilevel structure, which includes a variety of applied algorithms and objects. But supporting and creating applications is simplified thanks to the standard classes;
  • Java works everywhere the same. Write once run anywhere (Created 1-in once use everywhere). The 2nd part of the slogan the Java creators claims that Java programs function the same everywhere. But unfortunately, the reality is not so simple. The JVM on different platforms from different companies compatible with each other not at 100 %;
  • Java is a programming language. This is only a misconception. Java is a programming language, but also a range of other technologies;
  • Java is the younger sister of C++. Does the Java programming language from the programming language C++? There is rather no than Yes. From the Sun the idea was to simplify learning Java. That is why they made the syntax similar to C++;
  • Java programming Language is suitable only for Internet and applets. So, applets are linked with Java. There will not argue, applets it is really an integral part of both the platform and the Java language in General;
  • Java is the ideal, which does not need improvement. Java was created in 1994 1995, but today due to the spread of the Internet and the personalization of computers information technology very much occured. The authors of Java have tried it to realize absolutely all the achievements in information technology, but, as we all know, the ideal is unattainable;
  • Java is very expensive. It all depends on the complexity of the software that is being developed. A small Java application in General can be nothing. Of course, absolutely free, this technology is not.

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