The field of SEO: how to understand the basics of promotion web sites?


If we talk in simple words, SEO is a complex of activities aimed at the comprehensive promotion of the website in the global web. The main task of SEO is promotion of the website on the Internet, attracting potential customers and maximum coverage of target audience. Search engine optimization web site is a very important part in the strategy of the evolution of all projects. By the way, if you don't want to spend time learning SEO, you can get a professional promotion for your web site .


what is being built On the success of SEO of the website?

of Course, SEO has a huge variety of directions, but still have a Foundation that will help you to achieve success and that is:

  • high-quality content and good usability web site;
  • the content is optimized under the key queries;
  • external links and references of your brand and domain on other web resources.

Your website can easily enter in the TOP search engines even with just one use of the correct keywords, but if the content of your web-site and its usability will not meet the requirements, then all your work in a few days will come to "pan". It is not enough just to attract a potential client you need to interest him and to provide him with the convenient use of the web site. Internal duplicates, errors, low-quality content, blank pages, non-thematic articles all of these problems need to fix and change before the moment your site gets to the 1st position in the SS.


internal and External SEO promotion web sites

When all the work will be organized and all issues will be resolved, will come the time to start the internal and external optimization of your web site:

  • SEO website is the introduction of keywords in the subheadings, headings and article body. In order to find out the list of keywords, you will take advantage of the specials. programs Yandex or Google. You can promote your website at low-frequency, mid-frequency or high-frequency queries, however with all this it is necessary to know the specific promotion of each of these methods;
  • External web site is the mention of your site on other websites (preferably popular and on the same topic as your resource). In SEO there is a fairly simple but expensive method is offsite SEO is buying links on the reference markets (sape, gogetlinks, mainlinks, etc.). There are exchanges of eternal links and exchange time references. But today there is an active struggle against the SS of buying and selling links. Now search engines are able to distinguish purchased links from "natural". As a result, the sites buyers and sellers can impose various filters (Minusink, AGS, Panda, etc.), which lower the sites "offenders" in the search results. Therefore, today much more efficient and cheaper will be, if "real" people put a link to your web site to some blog or forum (reviews and comments).

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