What are the types of solar panels?


the Most popular and common solar batteries are made from monocrystalline silicon. These are very durable, reliable and easy to install. Solar panels are made of monocrystalline photovoltaic element of a larger more expensive but more effective.


Solar panels are made of multicrystalline silicon

to Make this kind of silicon is much easier than monocrystalline. As material, multicrystalline silicon consists of randomly collected various single-crystal lattices of silicon, therefore, the multicrystalline silicon solar panels are often cheaper than single crystal.


Solar panels made of polycrystalline silicon

Alternative to monocrystalline silicon with lower cost is its polycrystalline counterpart. The crystals in this silicon still aggregate, but have different orientation and shape. In comparison with dark crystals, this material has a bright blue color. Improvement of manufacturing process elements of this type today makes it possible to obtain components, ha-Ki, whose electric performance only slightly inferior to the single crystal.


thin-film battery

thin-film technology allow to manufacture more at the cost of cheap solar panels. This makes these panels a more attractive option for the construction of the huge farms to generate electricians from sunlight.


Solar panels made of amorphous silicon

the efficiency of these batteries - 1-Jn of the lowest (6 to 8 %). But, at the same time, among all silicon photoelectric converters of solar batteries generate the cheapest electricity.


Solar panels made of telluride cadmium (CdTe)

the basis of such panels lies film technology. The efficiency of elements made of CdTe is relatively small. Efficiency of such panels is somewhere around 11 %, but at the same time, when compared with silicon panels, the 1-in watts power data of the solar panels is a pair of 10-cov % cheaper.


Solar panels made on the basis of CIGS

CIGS is a semiconductor, which consists of indium, copper, selenium and gallium. This type of battery is also made in film technology, however in comparison with CdTe panels, CIGS panels have a higher efficiency (15 %).

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