Multimedia interactive Grand tribune


Manufacturer of AV Complex involved in the design and manufacture of modern interactive platforms for education and business. A private grandstand is the perfect solution for both company and educational institution where lectures using multimedia component. The Grand-stands device of its own production. It is a highly efficient, reliable systems, created for the most cost-effective presentation of information. Therefore, technical equipment podium is seen first.

so, as said above: produce a domestic manufacturer of AB Complex and complement them with modern electronic filling.



an Interactive model differs from its predecessors with touch screen 1920x1080 px, in which is embedded control system Multi Touch . In this model, stands a large number of connectors provided for connecting VGA and HDMI, it is possible to play different video formats. Tribune working from a personal computer Intel Core i3, equipped with 2-core processor and powerful graphics card. All this makes the complex is incredibly convenient and practical for performances of the speaker.


Additional features

the podium In a number of different add-ons:

  • RJ-45;
  • the
  • USB2.0;
  • the
  • USB3.0;
  • the
  • microphone/headphones and more.

the tribune is Controlled through a compact touch keyboard. Control sort out of the person who does not work every day with the computer and its software. To display a picture or video the screen will need to click a few buttons, and can handle every speaker. Functioning in the operating system Windows 10. Ten is the latest operating system from Microsoft releases the service packs. If you are good in the operating architecture, we understand how important it is to use modern software.


Where to use?

the Modern tribune actively used since the 90-ies, but if you dig a little deeper into history, we can say that the tribune is elevated above the floor plane, where a Church representative read a sermon. Just imagine how long ago people began to use them. Now the bleachers are used in public institutions, schools, institutes, companies and other structures.

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