How to become a professional Barber?


Barber is a professional worker, which basically cuts and cuts men's hair. To be a good Barber needed good customer service skills and communication to enable you to determine what services are required by customers, including cutting and shaving. In addition to cutting hair, you can also provide other services for the care of hair, such as shaving or trimming beards. However, in recent years, skin care has become a less important part of the business of sparging. Specific duties of this profession include advising customers about preferences of style and the use of electric clippers, scissors and combs for cutting hair, beard and mustache.


What you need to become a Barber?

  • Step 1: Get a high school diploma. Some countries require that employees of a barbershop, including Barbera, had a high school diploma and completion of accredited program Barbera. To get access to the latest, the necessary certificate confirming that you have graduated from high school;
  • Step 2: Learn from a professional Barber. Observation and, if possible, assisting or interning with Barber is one of the ways to know whether you want to be. Barber can show you how to interact with customers, organize the workspace and manage workflow;
  • Step 3: Finish . Barberie programs available in local colleges, private schools, beauty, or as an independent program Barbera. These programs often give a diploma or certificate. Courses in the Barber's offer to teach you the basics of cutting, shaping, styling and coloring hair. These programs also cover state laws, sanitation, safety and working practices. Some programs may include promotion of the salon and the customer service. The certificate can be obtained within a year or less, while degree programs can take up to 18 months;
  • Step 4: Get a license. In addition to completing the high school program and Barbera, as a rule, you must pass the qualification exam. Exams always include a written part, and sometimes the skills or oral test;
  • Step 5: Find a Barber. After completion of training and obtaining the license you can either find a position in a Barber shop, or create your own business.

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