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Many people, especially young people, prefer to view new films to the Global Web, bypassing cinemas. But can in reality online viewings of films successfully replace the movie theater? What are the pros and cons of both options? Will try to investigate further...



Main "+" online-viewing is its accessibility. To watch movies on the web sites you can look anywhere where there is Internet access.


movie choices

visitors of the cinema have the opportunity to watch 1-well of several paintings offered by the poster. At that time, as the Internet has a much larger archive. Here you can watch new movies, and well-forgotten old films.



the Main difference between the online viewing of the movie theater's overall. There will not argue, because to watch a movie on a huge screen is much easier and more enjoyable than to look at the pictures on the small monitor of a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.


3D-format rules!

Today, the cinema is very often used three-dimensional graphics, but in order to be able to view the dimensional effects, it is necessary to buy the latest model of TV and special glasses. This technique is expensive, that is why if you do not have the financial ability to acquire them - would be more profitable to visit the cinema.


sound Quality + images

With 100% certainty it can be argued that to achieve the same great acoustic performance and high image quality as in the cinema, at home you just will not work.



Here the advantage of online cinema, because during the movie there is no possibility to click on "pause" as a result, even the slightest separation of the cinema (for example, in a toilet) you can miss the main idea of the film that further browsing will do is simply meaningless.


Financial expenses

Main "+" movies in the Global Web is the complete lack of pay-per-view, which is not true of the cinema.

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