"My ID - from Gangnam": Three reasons why you should watch

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My ID - the beauty of Gangnam is a story about a girl named Kan Rei Mi (Im Soo Hyang), the appearance of which in a child severely abused. She decides to do plastic surgery to the College to appear in a new way. However, she realizes that her new life is dramatically different from what she imagined and she is forced to search for the true meaning of beauty. Next, we will look at 3 key points why you should watch .


Realistic study of plastic surgery

There was drama about plastic surgery, but no one had shown her realistic studies. In the drama depicted life after plastic surgery, to which nobody pays attention. This is the story of an ordinary girl who had plastic surgery to get rid of children's moral injury because of its appearance, but was still afraid of how people look at her. It is not a perfect life that someone gets after was beautiful. Viewers will enjoy a bitter reality that most of them turn a blind eye.


New episodes added to the original webtoon series

My ID is Gangnam Beauty is already famous webtoon (digital comics). The dramatic version is based on a realistic subject of plastic surgery, which was the driving force behind the original novel, as well as new stories and characters that make the film much more interesting. In particular, the Key Menci, writer of the original webtoon, said she will submit a more detailed history.


the chemistry between the main characters and Im Soo Hyang Cha Eun Woo

the drama will not only give life lessons, but will also show a fresh and youthful romance between Kang Mi RAE, the girl who dreams of a new life after cosmetic surgery, and Do Kyung Suk, a beautiful boy with an absent-minded person (cold outside and warm inside). The focus will be on the synergy meeting between the two shapes, and one of them is afraid of people and the other is not interested in public speaking. Viewers can count on the unpredictable organic growth of the two leading characters, which will respectively show Im Soo Hyang and Cha Eun Woo.

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