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Legal translation is a translation of the documents regulating legal relations. Such documents include incorporation documents, contracts of sale, other types of contracts, wills, judicial decisions, legal acts, etc.

This translation is required in transactions with foreign partners, exchange of legal information with speakers of another language. It is also required in cases where specific documentation is planned to be used abroad in case of conclusion of international agreements.


Why it is important to the accuracy of legal translation?

the Law does not tolerate inaccuracies. The slightest mistake can create misunderstandings between the participants of legal relations, which subsequently may lead to serious consequences. There are many cases when the details broke of a major transaction has occurred or litigation. Therefore, the translated documents must be literate.

second, consider the fact that different countries have different requirements for registration of legal acts of different legal systems and the fact that in our country can be taken in another state can cause confusion.

moreover, there is another barrier: not all terms and not all phrases have no direct translation in another language. Let's not forget that among the separate branches of law also has its own specifics in terminology and phrasing. If it is not taken into account to avoid errors is unlikely. Read more about the specifics of legal translation .


legal translation

Main features include:


    Translation requires the maximum accuracy, clarity and accuracy of the applied formulations. They should not cause misunderstanding and leave the possibility of ambiguous interpretation of the words. the

  • Speech patterns should match the phrases that have been adopted in the language for designation of certain terms and concepts.
  • the
  • Requires compliance to the design and structure of the document.
  • the
  • When implementing the legal translation should take into account national peculiarities and the legal system, which is accepted in the country, the language of which the documentation is translated.

Thus, we can say that even an experienced translator this work will take much more time than normal translation.


Who can do translation of legal documents?

For this service, you can apply to private translators and freelancers and specialized companies. However, it is recommended to take into account the fact that the translator should be well versed in the subject, have experience of performing similar works, and even better to have the appropriate specialized education in law or legal translation. Translation find a qualified professional easier since there are only certified experts, freelancers and private translators will not always be able to efficiently perform this job.

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